Sunday 27 November 2016

Little Tikes Playmat review

Cora has quite a few toys - the wonders of being a fourth baby, but her absolute favourite so far is her Little Tikes playmat.  She loves lying on her back batting and chewing the toys that dangle from it and staring at the toucan on the top.

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We started her on the playmat at only a few weeks old and whilst she couldn't reach the toys, she was fascinated with the bird.  There is a switch on the back that makes it move over the arch and it was brilliant watching her tracking it.  The mat seems to be growing with her as she develops and the bar moves down to make it the perfect height for tummy time too.  As she gets a bit stronger, we will sit her up so that she can play with the toys that way too.

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The mat comes with a selection of toys including a mirror - but that is rarely hanging on the bar as her youngest big brother has taken quite a fancy to it and comes and removes it for her.  All the toys can be taken off and rearranged and you can add anything else too.

One feature that we haven't used much is the vibrating bar.  Under the mat there is a bar that can vibrate to calm the baby and it is operated by a simple switch.  Cora wasn't overly bothered or comforted by it, but I know some babies really respond well to this.

This is a really great mat and I would completely recommend it.  Cora will happily play for ages lying there and the boys love rearranging the toys for her (and pinching them).  It grows well with her and comes with a booster pillow for when baby starts off doing tummy time too. We love that Little Tikes now have a baby range as it is the same quality we know and expect from the brand. 

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As well as playmats, Little Tikes have a whole range of baby products from simple rattles to activity gyms for children of all ages.

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