Saturday 19 November 2016

Summer Infant Baby Monitor Review

Cora is our fourth and final baby and I am reluctant to let her grow up.  The newborn phase is my absolute favourite, I love having a small person so completely dependent on me, the warmth of a little body curled up on my chest, the way they fit so perfectly in your arms.  Cora is fast leaving behind that phase, becoming more active and alert, so determined and more independent.  

I am not ready to let go of my tiny baby completely and whilst she now settles for bed around 8pm, she is usually in the Snuzpod on the floor in the living room and she comes upstairs when I go up around midnight.  I can tell the noises are starting to get distracting though, that she would probably sleep better if she wasn't moved around so much, if she could be in her bed for the night and so we have been testing the Summer Infant Babbly Band baby monitor in preperation.

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The brilliant thing about this monitor is how portable it is. The baby end is plugged in and static, but the parent end is completely mobile, in fact it is even wearable!  It looks like a watch and means that if Cora falls asleep in her crib, I can still carry on with whatever I am doing knowing that I can still here her.  I can walk around the house, hang washing out and play with the boys and know that I can't accidentally leave the monitor somewhere.

Everything is really easy to use and as well as hearing sound, there is also a bar on the monitor that changes colour when there is noise so even with headphones on I know if Cora has woken up.  I have had monitors in the past which are so noisy, but with the Summer Infant monitor I find that after the first 20 seconds it is pretty much silent when she is asleep.

The range is long enough for most places in my house, but it doesn't quite reach the kitchen and starts beeping there.  They kitchen and our bedroom are at opposite ends of the house and the kitchen is an extenstion so the walls are much thicker.  Generally the range is 600ft.

The Babble Band is easily charged just by placing it on top of the static device.  It sits neatly on top and charges during the day whilst it isn't in use.  It currently retails at £49.99

This baby monitor is so simple and easy to use and so practical, we are really impressed! 

Babble band, wearable baby monitor, summer infant

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