Thursday 24 November 2016

Star Wars Toys from Thinkaway


Dylan has recently become rather obsessed with Star Wars which I find rather funny considering he hasn't even seen any of the films.  His glasses have Yoda on the side - they were the only ones he would even consider, and his favourite t-shirt has Stormtroopers on the front.  His Christmas list has 'Star Wars toys' on it which is a very broad term considering how many there are to choose from!

I remember watching the original Star Wars films as a child and then going to the cinema to see the more recent three.  None of us have seen The Force Awakens yet but my plan is to get the DVD and watch it myself first to see whether it is suitable for Dylan and introduce him to some of the earlier films if not.  

It is crazy how Star Wars has such a cult following across all ages and even children who haven’t seen the films are going crazy for the merchandise.  I think part of the appeal for my boys is the robot characters as they have always loved robots and they are drawn towards the R2D2 and C3P0 characters.  I would love to get Dylan a Star Wars toy this Christmas and Thinkway Toys have a couple of great options that I think he would love,


This 16 inch tall remote control BB-8 moves in all directions as well as spinning and rolling.  BB-8 has over 20 original droid-speak phrases as well as special preprogrammed actions with different moods – happy, sad, excited, worried, scared and frustrated.  BB-8 also makes different sound effects whilst his head moves, and a voice activated feature allows you to interact with him via a built-in microphone


This interactive R2D2 responds to pre-programmed instructions via the remote control, moving in all directions as it makes original movie sound effects and moves its head.  Using the 10 buttons on the remote control you can program over 1000 action combos or activate R2-D2's special projection facility to view an imprisoned Princess Leia™.

If you want to know more about the Star Wars toys that Thinkaway Toys have then why not hop over to twitter and join us for a twitter party on Wednesday 30th November 1-2:30pm, there will be Toys'r'us vouchers up for grabs too.  Follow me on twitter and the hashtag #ImAThinkingToy

If you fancy winning an R2D2 toy in time for Christmas then we have one to give away, entry is via the simple rafflecopter form below.

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  1. My son loves Star Wars, almost as much as me & although 3 1/2, he knows loads, mainly the cartoons & Lego films. His fave pj's are Stormtrooper ones. He walks around going, I am Darth Vader. I am your father to me lol. I'm Luke alot. He has a mini saber & often will use his first finger if no saber is available. I'd love to get him a prope one, but he'd beat me with it & do more damage than Obi Wan did to Maul! Who he calls Darth Morph. My daughter will come to love the Dark Side too in time. Also, I find your posts hilarious!


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