Tuesday 1 November 2016

What Cora Wore - Lanacare

Merino wool has so many benefits, one of my favourite being how little it needs washing.  With the laundry basket constantly overflowing, having some clothing that can just be hung back up after a day's wear is always going to go down well and the natural lanolin in organic merino wool is antibacterial and neutralises odours.

Merino wool baby clothes, Lanacare, Baby wool, wool clothing

Clothing made in merino wool will keep you cool in the summer and warm in the winter, is fire resistant and super soft.  Cora was sent some lovely bits from Lanacare and they are perfect for helping her maintain her body temperature.  The yellow top is used a lot as it isn't always cold enough for a jumper in the house but not always warm enough to go without so I pop it on over her clothes.  The green trousers look comfy and have plenty of stretch.  I love her little bonnet too which is ideal for the sling as it can't fall off and helps keep her warm.

Merino wool trousers, wool baby clothes, Lanacare

One of Cora's most worn items at the moment is her Lanacare booties.  Not only do they look totally adorable with everything she wears, they are also perfect for going indoors and out as she doesn't need anything else on with them in this weather to keep her little toes warm.  The drawstring means they never fall off, even in the sling and they are so easy to get on and off.

Merino wool baby clothing, Lanacare, wool pullover, natural wool clothes

Caring for the wool isn't as complicated as I imagined and every garment comes with full instructions.  We haven't really had to wash any of these bits yet though as they just aren't getting dirty and they still smell fresh after several uses! 

Lanacare, Merino wool bonnet, wool clothing for babies

The vest is 3-6 months here and the trousers and bonnet are 0-3, Cora was nearly 4 months when these photos were taken so I would definitely say that the trousers are quite generous and everything else quite true to size.

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