Tuesday 8 November 2016

4 Months Baby Girl

At four months old, Cora is a determined little girl.  I remember the shock on Finn's face when he first rolled over - similar to his big brothers but Cora's was a look of success after weeks trying to work out just how to do it.  She has been really pushing herself over, trying desperately to get that last arm out from under her and she has finally mastered it.  We haven't had front to back yet but I don't think she is far off.

Cora is all smiles for me, but to the rest of the world she is a rather serious baby.  She pulls her best frowns as soon as I get a camera out but when she is in her own environment she smiles and giggles away.  She is still happier outdoors and she is amazingly curious.  When she is awake she is incredibly alert and she grabs out at everything now.  I can't eat with her on my lap without her trying to get my food and she loves her playmat even more now that she can pull the toys off and eat them.

On Halloween she found her thumb and she has been sucking it ever since.  (Strangely enough it was the exact same day 5 years ago that her eldest brother found his thumb too!)  She falls asleep either in the pram or having her milk and breastfeeding is still going well.  There is ever so slightly more routine now, Cora usually settles for bedtime between 7 and 9pm, but the rest of the day she naps and feeds as and when she pleases.  I feel like we are playing sleep roulette each night as she can still sleep 12 hours solid one night and then be awake every hour the next.  She sleeps the first stretch (however long that may be) in her Snuzpod and then comes in with me for the rest of the night, and I would say at least half the week she is in my bed by 1am.  I love snuggling up close and it feels so natural to have her in with me.  I know it won't last forever as she happily goes down at the start of the night in her crib so I am trying to just relax and enjoy it whilst it suits us both.

My baby girl doesn't want to stay little and this month she has been practicing sitting with support and wanting to stand.  She still needs to be held when sat but her back is straight and her neck is so strong.  She still isn't too keen on her bouncer chair as she pulls forward trying to sit up in there.  She will tolerate it for short periods but she prefers being laid flat on her playmat or held sitting upright.

At 4 months old Cora is adored by her brothers and she seems to love them all right back.  She is snuggly and content and loves to kick her legs around with no nappy on.  She is so alert and looks like she is taking it all in, but she still loves her sleep (most of the time).

Being a family of four feels so perfect and mostly I don't find four any harder than three.  Cora has slotted right in to the family


  1. No WAY is Cora four months old! Our babies are still totally newborn, right?!

  2. Beautiful little girl - and so independent!


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