Monday 12 October 2015

What the Boys Wore - The Bonnie Mob

Living so close to the beach, we like to make the most of it all year round.  Whilst it is wonderful in the summer to paddle in the sea and bake in the sun, it is just as perfect in Autumn to collect buckets of shells, make sandcastles (whilst the sand always seems to be the perfect consistency) and drink cups of tea sheltering in the beach hut.

The Bonnie Mob sent us a selection of their beautiful new range and it was love with every piece.  The boys co-ordinated perfectly yet looked so different with Dylan wearing a bright knit cardigan and matching accessories and Finn comfy in leggings and a super soft cotton blanket.   Every item was fantastic quality, feeling well made and perfect for adventures and it has all washed well too.

Finn was sent some leggings and a long sleeved top with a matching blanket and hat.  He looked cosy and sweet and the grey seemed to make his eyes shine brighter.  The hat is perfect as it goes with so much of his wardrobe and I know it is going to be worn a lot this winter!  I was impressed with how well fitted the leggings were and I have a soft spot for weather related gear so the top was exactly what I would have chosen.  Finn wears 6-12 months here and they are a great fit on him, so I would suggest sizing up (he is usually in 3-6 and 6-9).

The colours of Archie's clothes seemed designed just for him and we loved how his jumper matched Finn's, with the same print.  The skinny jeans were long and slim and a great cut and the rainbow details on the back pockets made them stand out.  The hat and scarf seemed to pick out the best colours from the jumper and the whole outfit looked great.  We found the sizing quite accurate on Archie, with him wearing age 2-3 at 2.5 years old.

Dylan was sent jeans that matched Archie's but in a different colour and the fit was great.  The jeans have plenty of stretch in them which my boys need with all the climbing they do and these were lovely and long.  The jumper was a little short on him, but he is in between sizing as The Bonnie Mob sell a 4-5 and a 6-7 and he is usually in a 5-6.  The hat and snood matched the jumper and the hat was nice and generous on my rather large headed son.

One of my favourite things about this range is how well it all co-ordinates, with the same prints on different styles and a great autumn/winter colour pallet.  No matter what you choose from the new range it is bound to go together and it would be easy to create a staple wardrobe from The Bonnie Mob's collection.  Most of the range is very unisex too making it ideal to pass on to younger siblings.


  1. Oh, don't they look fantastic! We're big fan of The Bonnie Mob here, as you know, and I love seeing how it wears on older boys because - well - that's going to be our future! I'm so pleased to see that they've expanded the range to include slightly older children, these designs translate really well to that age range.

    Archie looks like a wee model in that pic where he's standing against the yellow door.

  2. Gorgeous pieces! They look like great quality and I love the designs and colours of it all :)

  3. AWwww thanks so much, the boys are perfect mini mobsters!


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