Monday 26 October 2015

Ambi Toys at the Park

Autumn is my favourite season, full of the memories of summer and the promise of Christmas.  The colours are so rich and warm as the leaves fall and after months of flip flops I can't help but embrace my slippers once more.

We love visiting the park in the autumn as the play area is always much quieter than in the school holidays and there is so much else to do.  The boys chase the squirrels who are very keen to run up the trees and there are piles of leaves everywhere waiting to be jumped in, crunched, kicked and squelched.  

Finn is not yet mobile but he is sitting and he loves watching his big brothers play.  We took along some toys sent to us by Ambi toys and he loved having a chew and a rattle.

We love the simplicity of these toys, the bright colours and the fact they are pretty indestructable.  They don't age, they are easy to clean and sterilise and they provide hours of entertainment when you are only 8 months old!

Finn mostly chews different parts, or shakes them violently bashing them against either his knee or the ground.  The circle of balls was best for this as they contain rattles so it makes a satisfying sound.

We are hoping that winter stays a way a little longer and those crunchy leaves keep falling as we haven't finished our autumn fun yet!


  1. couldn't agree more on the toys but I'm more interested in the adorable coat he's wearing! Do you have a pattern/brand/address?

    1. Hi, of course, it is gorgeous isn't it! It is from Baby Boden and current stock so it should be easy to find on their website


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