Thursday 8 October 2015

7 Months

Unlike his big brothers, at seven month old Finn is still very much a little baby.   They both seemed so much bigger at this same age and Finn, whether because he is physically smaller or because he is the last, seems so little still.

He is doing so well, he is sitting unaided and whilst he still leans forward, he is straightening up and gaining strength.   He has finally learned to roll from his back to his front, although I still haven't actually witnessed it.  He isn't interested in rolling around the room, but often isn't facing the same way I left him.

One of the biggest changes this month is that we started weaning.  The day that he turned 7 months it felt right to introduce food and hopefully by the time I update next he will be on two or three meals a day.  It feels so strange to be giving my baby solid food, I don't feel the same excitement I did with the other two.  There is a little sadness that things are changing and memories of the mess weaning creates are flooding back all of a sudden!

This month has seen Dylan start school and the realities of the school run although he is still not full time.  The dynamic has changed in the day and Finn is no longer just watching his brothers play, he is a part of their games.  He is Archie's buddy for the afternoon whilst Dylan is gone, and their 'baby' once he returns from school happy to have both his brothers back.  Mummies and babies has become their new favourite game and it means poor Finn gets to join in whether he likes it or not.

Finn has started babbling more, often in quite a screechy tone which absolutely delights his brothers.  I have had to explain all about how babies learn and they are so proud when he learns something new or makes a new sound as they know they are his teachers.  Their bond is lovely to watch, even though after seven months neither of them quite understands gentle, Finn loves their attention (most of the time).  

Finn weighed 16lb 2oz as he turned 7 months and was 66.5cm long.  He still fits in 3-6 month clothing, but needs 6-9 for leggings as he has such long legs.  He is still all limbs and can fit in up to 1 month for short sleeved vests.  

He is such a happy boy, smiley and content.  He loves a cuddle and to feel secure, and is very laid back, happily cuddling on the sofa for hours.  He is getting more from his toys now though too, loving his playmats and bouncers and even the jumperoo for short periods of time.  He can grab toys and put them straight in his mouth and his co-ordination is improving every day.   His favourite thing to play with is his dummy, and he can spend all day turning it round, chewing every side, dropping it and picking it back up again.  I think it is good for his fine motor skills at least!

Getting a photo of all three together is getting much harder, I need the bloke on Finn catching duty should he choose to throw himself over and so there is a distraction in completely the wrong place. I usually end up with some rather unflattering fake smiles, but this is what photographing three is really like!

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