Saturday 31 October 2015

Me and Mine October

This month I left the photo until the last minute, before realising that we would spend the end of the month apart and have no chance to get a photo. Luckily I had this one that my sister took of us earlier in the month in my parent's garden.  The bloke seems to be missing the top of his head, but this is us.

I think Dylan was holding on to my hand and jumping, Finn was busy eating his fingers and Archie has obviously seen something worth pointing at!  I am rocking a rather fetching pair of slippers that I keep at my parent's house.

October has seen Dylan start full time school and the little two and I have found a new routine.  The weather has become well and truly autumnal and the dinky one and I have escaped for some sun in the middle of it all.

Mummy is loving having her sister home after a long summer of her being away, one on one time with Finn again, a day out at the baby show and drinking Pina Colada at the swim up bar.

Daddy is loving having the heating back on, watching Prison Break, how much Dylan is learning at school and having some baby free time with his big boys

Dylan is loving school lunches, painting ceramic models, Halloween and the little envelopes with clues for treats I left whilst I was away.

Archie is loving having a couple of days with Aunty Nat Nat, helping to feed Finn, baking shortbread and dressing up for Halloween

Finn is loving playing in the sand, sitting up in his buggy, growing into the next size clothes and kicking his legs around the pool in Jamaica.


  1. I love how different your boys are. They are all so uniquely beautiful and such a mix of the both of you.

  2. Aww lovely photo! I love your top x

  3. Oh your GORGEOUS family! I love this pic; it has so much personality.

  4. cute love your jumper btw a lovely colour. Lovely family photo.

  5. A lovely picture... And Jamaica sounds fab!! You're definitely rocking the tan! Your little three look similarly aged to my three... And your descriptions of what they're into don't sound dissimilar!! Loving the slippers look too!


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