Tuesday 13 October 2015

Melijoe - Stella McCartney

You may have noticed by now that I love kids clothing, especially things a bit different to what you find on the high street and Stella McCartney's kids range is one of my newest discoveries.  I put together a polyvore with some of my favourite pieces available on Melijoe

Melijoe - Stella McCartney

Stellasuperheroes T-shirt Stella McCartney Kids for boys | Melijoe.com

I have found items I love for all three boys in this collection - rompers for Finn, animal prints for Archie and superheroes for Dylan,  The designs are unique and fresh without a hint of pastel blue in their baby section.  The prices reflect the fact you are buying designer, but if you are looking for something a a bit different then Stella McCartney is worth looking at.

The simplicity of the grey hat means it is ideal for any of the boys.  

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