Saturday 3 January 2015

Life after Christmas

The weeks that follow Christmas  are unlike normal life for us, even more so now that Dylan is at preschool.  Routine is out the window, as is the healthy diet and we have spent more time watching films and drinking hot chocolate than ever before.

Pre-Christmas was full of excitement, crafts, shopping and jam packed days.  Even after term finished, our lives were busy and when I finally finished my wrapping and building on Christmas eve, I could breathe a sigh of relief.  Christmas day was everything we wanted, full of smiles, laughs, wonder and family and boxing day looked much the same.  After boxing day though, the real changes happened and with the bloke off work for another week, we stopped clock watching, we ate when we were hungry, slept when we were tired and followed the boys' leads more.

If they wanted to stay in, we stayed in and with a selection of exciting new toys and some Disney films, it was very appealing.  We had pyjama days, we drank hot chocolate with marshmallows in the evening, all snuggled on the sofa together and we managed to get through quite a bit of the festive food we had accrued.  

When we left the house, it seemed that winter really had begun and our walk along the seafront to blow off the cobwebs also made us realise that we needed to get some new gloves.  We spent time recovering from a busy few months, I took the chance to be indulgent and pregnant and have a few lie ins.

Next week is going to be a shock to the system for us all.  Our leisurely wake ups at half past 9 are going to be moved a couple of hours earlier so that we can be at preschool and work on time and some of the treats we have been letting the boys eat will be replaced with vegetables.

Until then, we have tomorrow to enjoy the last of this lifestyle, tidy away the toys that haven't yet found a home, take down our tree and scoff as much of the Christmas chocolate as we can!

I haven't taken many photos this past week, I have been far to busy eating and watching Cars 2 three  thousand times a day, but here are a few phone snaps from the week.

Normal life resumes very soon!


  1. It's definitely a weird and lovely kind of time as everyone comes down off the high of Christmas. I think Monday morning is going to be a big shock to the system for us too, it feels like so much longer than two weeks ago that we were in our busy routines. x

  2. I concur that it's been a fab time of laziness and PJ days here too, although I need to go easy on the chocolate- we have eaten so much that my trousers are feeling rather tight! Monday will be a shock to the system having to get us all out of the house on time, but sadly we don't get lie ins until 9.30am whatever time the kids have gone to bed- I was SO jealous reading this! 6am average here! *wails* Happy New Year to you- my blogging NY resolution is to comment more on my favourites rather than just read and run! x

  3. That's what Christmas is all about, I love that day time naps become the norm and it doesn't matter what day of the week it is because they all merge together. Sounds like you had a lovely time with your family, reality will hit hard for us all on Monday x

  4. My hubby works for Parcelforce so its the busiest time of year for him, he has to work long hours with only Christmas Day, Boxing Day & New Year's Day off. We had a great three days together over Christmas although I wish we could've had more but we did cram in the Christmas films, hot chocolate & cuddles in that time!

  5. I think this week is one of the best of the year. Unfortunately, I've had to work 4 days of it but other than that we have been in our PJs watching Disney movies and playing with new toys. It's been pretty damn perfect! x

  6. Sounds like the perfect post-Christmas lull - long may it continue, at least until tomorrow when real life and work starts up again!


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