Monday 20 October 2014

Riding his Bike

The warm weather is slowly disappearing, but Sunday saw the sun shining and that beautiful Autumn light bouncing off of the fallen crunchy leaves and pine cones.  We took a stroll down the road after nap time, and Dylan rode his new bike outside for the first time.

He is by nature a cautious child and needs a bit of time to get used to new things (we learnt from his scooter), so after some practice at home, he was excited to put on his helmet and gloves and join the big kids.  He may not be the fastest, but he loved riding down the paths on his new Kiddimoto balance bike.

Most balance bikes are wooden, and whilst we do love wooden toys, Dylan felt so grown up on his shiny metal bike as it looked more like his Daddy's.  Archie is desperate to have a go, and loved being pushed around on it thanks to a handy handle on the back - unfortunately at 20 months his feet don't quite reach the floor.

Thankfully, the bike only weighs 3kg so when the boys were done playing, I could carry it around easily.  The tracks at the park weren't all even, but the all terrain tyres coped well with any ground.

 At three years and two months, I see other children zooming past on their bikes, but we are not at that stage at all yet.  Dylan rides his bike no faster than he can run, and he is happy that way for now.  I know that preschool is already bringing out a more competitive side of him though, so my next update might include him flying down the paths on it (or Archie doing it!)

For now, it will make our trips to the park a bit more exciting, and we love the sound of the bike crunching through the fallen leaves!

I was sent the Kiddimoto Super Junior Max along with the accessories to record Dylan's progress - come back in a few weeks and see how he is getting on!  All thoughts, opinions and photos are of course my own.


  1. Dylan looks like he is really enjoying it and I love his helmet and gloves!!
    We have just bought our little one a balance bike for his birthday and I cannot wait for him to see it!

  2. Fantastic review, we were just talking about what to get Buba for a bike. This looks great. Love the photos Dylan did brilliant with it. Love the helmet and gloves. Outfit complete.

  3. He looks like he's really enjoying himself there :) We received the Chicco Red Bullet balance bike to test out a few years ago and it was great: I'd recommend an Isla Bike for when he's older and able to pedal, they're very light weight and super easy to steer and pedal with. Logan learned to ride properly in just a couple of days with his Isla Bike :)


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