Thursday 9 October 2014

19 Weeks Pregnant

19 weeks pregnant, pregnancy update, 19 week bump, maternity at 19 weeks

19 weeks means I am nearly at the halfway mark in this pregnancy, and I am preparing for major growth over the coming weeks as little pretzel will double in size.  I have finally booked my 20 week scan and I can't wait to see the little one on the screen again.

I am still not feeling any kicks, but the flutterings are happening more often now and I definitely feel movement every day.  I am really hoping that Pretzel gets a bit stronger though, as I can't imagine monitoring movement like this properly.  I had an anterior placenta in my first pregnancy and remember everything was much later, but I am still hopeful.

I don't feel like my bump is growing out as much as growing up, which makes sense as my uterus is around my belly button now.  My bump seems to start higher, although it still has plenty of growing space.  This fortnight has seen me go a bit crazy with the shopping, as I was already feeling sick of my limited wardrobe and getting fed up of wearing jeans and a vest every day.  I have treated myself to lots of new things, even though I know there is only five months of wear for them.  Hopefully after the twenty week scan my shopping can move on to baby things, although if we are team blue, I don't think there will be a lot that we need!

I am having lots of dizzy spells, whether it is from low blood pressure or low blood sugar I am not sure, but I am learning to control them, and now never leave the house without something sugary in my bag for when I need a pick me up.  I have good days and bad, but I don't think having two small children to run around after is helping much.  

Generally I am feeling much better now, with plenty of energy although I am far from glowing.  For some reason my hair seems to be coping well, and I don't need to wash it more than twice a week, compared to the every other day pre-pregnancy.  It doesn't ever seem to get greasy, which pleases the lazy side of me.

19 weeks pregnant, baby bump, 19 week bump

I have been watching a lot of Call the Midwife this week, which has actually made me feel really positive about the upcoming birth.  Things have changed so dramatically since the time it was set, but the women just give birth with so little fuss, that I do wonder whether it is the fear and the medicalisation that is our downfall nowadays.  Obviously I am grateful that babies have such a better chance now, but I think there is also something to be learnt.  after two relatively easy births, I am definitely hoping this one follows suit!

Dylan suddenly seems very aware of the growing baby, and will tell anyone that will listen that there is a baby in his Mummy's tummy - I really hope the interest stays!  We are looking forward to telling him whether it is a little brother or sister on the way in a couple of weeks too.


  1. Yay for more flutters! Hopefully they'll turn into nice kicks before too long - and your bump is looking fabulous. Do you have any gut instinct about whether you're team blue or pink?

  2. Awww lovely update! You look fab!

    I've been thinking about watching Call The Midwife but I was worried it might be too sad/scary?! lol


  3. It's crazy how quickly those flutters turn into proper kicks. I'm 21 weeks pregnant and they seem to getting stronger every time ... so much so that it's waking me up now!

  4. You are so cute and I can't believe how fast it's going. Wow 19 weeks. You look amazing. I love your tshirt idea and crossing it off. So creative. I look forward to reading all your updates you are making me so broody for a third! lol

  5. You're looking fab! Love the t-shirt calendar idea too! I remember my 20 week scan- I was so excited. I look forward to finding out if you're team blue or team pink x

  6. The tshirt is such a great idea! You really suit pregnancy, I can't believe how big your bump is already xx

  7. Call The Midwife is the BEST! Also - if you're wanting positive and uplifting things to watch then I can't recommend the Ina May Gaskin documentary enough. It's called Birth Stories: Ina May Gaskin and the Farm Midwives and you can download it off iTunes. I watched it twice and found it SO inspiring. Hurrah for the clothes shopping by the way. I bought loads of mat wear and am still wearing it now a week after giving birth. I reckon if you can find things that make you feel good during pregnancy then it's worth the cash. Looking forward to continuing to follow your pregnancy journey as you take over the #BlogBumpClub! xx


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