Monday 6 October 2014

A September Summer Holiday - Canvas Holidays

You may have seen our day on the beautiful Italian beach, and my tips for taking toddlers to Rome, but I am finally getting round to accomodation.  We stayed outside the centre of Rome in a comfy three bed caravan provided by Canvas holidays.

We have never been on a caravan holiday as a family before (despite going on one every year growing up), but it offered us the perfect balance of family holiday and city break.  I love to explore on holiday, but long days sightseeing are tiring for a one and three year old, and having a space to play, a pool to splash in and a gas BBQ for when we needed a quiet night meant everyone was happy.

The park was large and quiet as we were going out of season.  There was a huge pool, perfect for children as even at the deepest point, it didn't reach my knees.  There were little slides in the middle, and hundreds of sunbeds surrounding it, meaning older children could have a little freedom whilst their parents soaked up the last of the summer sun.  There was also a deeper pool perfect for swimming or adults, and two dug out bubbly pools too.

There was a restaurant on site, with a bar open all day, outdoor seating as well as indoor and take away options.  We enjoyed a couple of evening meals there, and the boys loved their varied kids meals, with everything Italian as well as classic chicken nuggets and chips for fussy eaters.  There was also a cafe open for lunch next to the pools that served fast food.

Our caravan was very clean and spacious, with three bedrooms, two bathrooms, a living area and kitchen.  The outdoor decking had a table and chairs and the gates could be locked to enclose mischievous children.  There was a gas BBQ included which was perfect for dinners, and the onsite shop sold everything we needed.  

I think the boys' favourite thing about the park was the two small playgrounds and we had to walk past both (and of course stop in both for a play) every time we left.  They were not anything particularly big, but perfect for little ones who needed to let off steam.  As our boys were still toddlers, we didn't get to experience the other facilities, like volleyball pitch and table tennis set, but there were some options for older children.

There wasn't any kid's clubs or evening entertainment during our visit, but we were so busy visiting the city that we probably wouldn't have taken part anyway.  I know that many of the locations do, but we purposefully chose a site near a big city.  Check in times were very limited (between 4-6pm), but our couriers were friendly and helpful and we had no issues.

We found our canvas holiday to be the perfect balance for us between city break, summer sun and family holiday and we definitely intend to do something similar again.  

Canvas holidays are part of Wyndham vacation rentals who do a wide variety of holidays all over the world, with over 25 companies under their name.

Disclaimer:  We were provided with accommodation during our stay at the Camping Fabulous park in Rome, but everything else we paid for ourselves, and all thoughts and opinions are completely my own.


  1. It looks like it was a lovely break Bex- that last photo is gorgeous with the sunset. Your boys are growing up so quickly! x

  2. What gorgeous photographs! And oh my, I love how you dress your handsome wee lads. The lion t-shirt is especially adorable.

  3. Gorgeous photos Bex, looks and sounds like you had a lovely time! The boys are looking so grown up all of a sudden, still can't believe you'll be juggling 3 under 3 soon! eeekk! xxx

    Love From Mummy - UK Parenting Lifestyle Blog

  4. Looks fabulous! You lucky things :) I have always wanted to have a caravan holiday you know but never got round to it. As a kid i dreamed of staying in a caravan with rooms :) x

  5. What a lovely holiday. Sounds amazing one lucky family. These sounds like the perfect places to go with our two as well. We are always looking where to take them next. Love that last photo stunning and the matching outfits. I wish I could do matching with my two! lol


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