Monday 1 September 2014

Preschool Lunchbox Ideas

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It is only one week until my biggest little guy starts his Preschool.  For three years he has been at home with me, going to friends or family when I need childcare, but things are changing, and with only one year until he starts school, he is about to set off for Preschool.

For two days per week, he will be there for lunch time, and we have decided to send him in with a healthy lunchbox.  We chose one (a green dinosaur), and gift wrapped it ready for his birthday and since that day he has not stopped talking about it.  He is excited and ready to embark on this new adventure and as much as it is going to be strange without my little sidekick around, I know it is the best thing for him.  

We went shopping for some Capri Sun and other bits at Tesco (they have a back to school offer), and made up a mock lunchbox so that he can practice eating from it - it seemed a good excuse for a living room picnic as well.  I want it to be foods he is familiar with, but also exciting and fun, something to remind him of home.

Alongside a Capri Sun fruit crush which is school approved and made with 75% fruit juice and 25% spring water, I packed one pitta bread cut into two with cream cheese ( I realised pretty soon that this wasn't enough, so I will be packing two whole ones in future!), a bag of Ella's kitchen cheese and leek crisps, a yoghurt, a fruity yoyo, a packet or raisins and a piece of fruit.  In future I will pack a vegetable snack too, like carrot or cucumber sticks in a little pot.

Capri Sun fruit crush is available in three different flavours, tropical, apple and pear and apple and blackcurrant, so I can mix up what he has and each pouch counts as one of your five a day.  Dylan doesn't have fruit juice at home, we keep it as a special treat, so I know it will make settling in even easier with something to look forward to at lunchtime.

I know Dylan will eat everything in here easily, especially as many of these are things we use as treats at home! He has a big appetite, and I know that a full day at preschool is going to wear him out! 

I am excited and terrified of the beginning of preschool, but I know that my little dude is going to love it!  What else would you suggest for a preschool lunchbox? 

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  1. I love caprisun. They're great frozen over night and then taken on school trips, they'll still be cold in the afternoon :) x

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