Friday 5 September 2014

Box Upon a Time

There are so many things you can get subsciption boxes for now, and I was excited to be contacted by Box upon a Time to see whether I would like to test out their children's clothing box service.

Filling in our information was easy, and I set up a personal profile for Archie, detailing the things he likes to wear, and things he doesn't.  It gave me the opportunity to not only pick out styles we liked but to also make sure if there was a colour of pattern we really didn't, that it wouldn't be included.  What would actually be inside the box though is a mystery until it arrives.  A stylist handpicks each item based on your profile and the £49 box I was offered should contain 3/4 items with a value between £80 and £120 (For my box it was £93).

I have to be honest, I have never spent £80 on three items of children's clothing, but we do sometimes buy special pieces for the boys and I was looking forward to getting some good quality items.  Archie's box arrived with three t-shirts inside.

1: Star Tie Tee from Dolls and Dirt £25
2: T-shirt A Plastron from Point a la Ligne £48
3: Cat Bandit from Emma Levigne £20

My first impression was that there was only one that I would possibly have chosen (the grey), one that I quite liked and one that I really wasn't too keen on.  As it happened, as soon as I put on the navy top with the tie, I knew it was perfect for my cheeky toddler and I started to see how a subscription can be quite fun, forcing you to choose different styles.  I have to admit that the most expensive item in the box really isn't to our taste although it is lovely and feels beautifully soft.  I don't see it getting worn particularly which is a bit of a shame.

We had been to the health visitor the week before we ordered the box and so had Archie's exact height and weight measurements.  The clothes sent were all a perfect fit with a little growing space too, despite them not all being the same sized. I was really impressed with this.

Yes, it was Daddy who paired the socks and sandals

I like the unpredictability and the excitement of wondering what will arrive, but this is more than I would really spend on three T-shirts for a one year old.  I do like the idea as a one off, especially for a gift as chances are the recipient won't already have anything the same.  It would have been great to have more information about the different brands included though to make it easier to look for more.

Disclaimer:  We were sent a Box free of charge for the purpose of this review but all thoughts and opinions are completely my own.


  1. Aw u actually really like the one you don't! A shame they didn't get it quite right, but I do like the idea of a nice surprise when it arrives x

    1. It is a nice top, just not what I would put Archie in. I guess it is such a personal thing sometimes (and I am fussy)

  2. Oh his braces and tee are so cute!! I've seen this subscription box before and would love to try it although like you I would never spend £80 on three items - I get a whole season wardrobe for that twice a year in the Next sale! x

  3. Hi, I liked the post. This subscription thing sounds interesting. I really do like the navy top. This is worth a try.

  4. I really want to see him in the other top!

  5. Love the clothes but think they are pricey, especially for toddlers who grow quickly and are prone to ruining clothes


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