Friday 1 August 2014

Nun Night Two Year Old

To my gorgeous boy,

Just as I wrote you a letter before you turned one, and before you turned two, I find myself here knowing that when we wake up, you will be three.  In the past year you have left the toddler days behind and you are excited and eager for something more.  Preschool beckons along with an independence from me that I am still reluctant to give.

As I put you to bed each night, and we sit on your dark blue bean bag and read a bed time story, I am already seeing changes.  The days where you sat cuddled in, listening intently to every line on every page have gone.  Now you pick the same stories every night, because you know them.  You can think of new questions to ask, new 'whys', and you can ask to read more words yourself.  You still have the same love for stories as ever, but you want to be a part of them now, not just a listener.

When you were potty training earlier this year, I used to tell you stories.  Between the two of us we made up a whole series of books, about Dylan, his friend Oscar and the huge castle that they lived in.  The first one was all mine, a way to make you sit still, but after that you wouldn't just listen.  You would interrupt to add bits in, or change the details and eventually it would be you telling me a story.

You love adventure, and find it everywhere, from the obstacle course at the park to underneath a blanket huddled with your brother.  You seek friends wherever you go and are such a sociable boy.  If we go to the park without your friends, you find an older child who will have a conversation with you, and play games with you.  I know how ready you are for preschool and I know that you are going to love the new backpack and lunch box that Mummy and Daddy have got you for your birthday. 

As a two year old you were cheeky, curious, chatty and cautious.  You are not yet riding a bike, scooting round or climbing to the top of the playground, but you are confident and I have no doubts that you will get there soon enough.  You are a (mostly) loving big brother, always checking on Archie, and sharing with him so well.  You don't always get along, but hearing the two of you in fits of giggles together is priceless, and I remember that the best gift we have given you is your mini sidekick. Archie brings out a different side of you too, as your personalities are so different, you become more daring, more silly and more cheeky around him.

turning three, two year old, 35 month old, toddler on the beach

As we meet new people, I have trouble convincing them that you are still two.  You are well above the average in size and you speak so well, that you are often mistaken for a four year old, and I can sometimes see why, but I am in no hurry for you to grow up.    The funny looks we get when I squash you in a buggy, or when you get ready for a nap, thumb in mouth are met with defence, when really I shouldn't care what others think.  To me baby boy, you are perfect just as you are.

Your hair has darkened, your limbs lengthened and your mind knows no limits.  The mispronunciations are all but forgotten and you continue to amaze us each and every day.

We have had a great year, and I am so proud of the little boy you have become.

Sleep tight my gorgeous two year old, for tomorrow is a big day.

Love Mummy


  1. Such a beautiful letter! Happy Birthday Dylan!

  2. Beautiful! I can't believe both of our babies are now 3! This year is going to see them change even more, and dare I say it... See them starting school! xx

  3. Oh this brought tears to my eyes! Lovely, lovely post! x

  4. What a lovely post. I hope Dylan had a very happy birthday!

  5. this is so lovely! x such a sweet post Bex ;) happy birthday to your little man or tomorrow xx


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