Sunday 24 August 2014

My Little Family in July

This year, I have been busy capturing our life as a family of four.  I have been taking part in the Me and Mine project, which sees us taking a family portrait every month, to record the little changes and get everyone in the frame.  I have loved taking part, and in an effort to really capture the essence of our family, we turned to a photographer last month to capture those candid shots when we are just being us.

I shared a few in the July Me and Mine post, but I wanted to share some more, just because.  My family means everything to me, and I am so proud to show them off.  (I apologise for the photo overload)

These lovely photos were taken by Sharina Kent and were at the beach that we live only a few minutes walk from.  This is my family, July 2014.


  1. Never apologise for photo overload. Lots of photos are the best! And these are simply stunning. Such lovely memories for you to keep forever. xx

  2. These photos are beautiful and capture your family perfectly. I love the one of your throwing your little man in the air x

  3. Gorgeous beachy photos to treasure x

  4. Beautiful photos Becky, you have a gorgeous little family. x


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