Saturday 23 August 2014

Archie at 18 Months

A year and a half has passed since my littlest one entered the world and it is amazing how far the little dude has come.  From a helpless newborn to a walking talking toddler in what feels like the blink of an eye.  Archie has the cheekiest personality, and every single day he shows a little more.

From the smile that screws up his nose, to the way he tells you off right back if you say no to him, this boy is challenging and cute in equal measure.  He pushes every imaginable boundary, but does so with a smile on his face and a bounce in his step. When we take him to the park, he no longer heads for the slide, but straight for the borders, where he searches for everything he shouldn't and brings me his finds.  Half empty cans of cider, cigarette butts and apple cores amongst other things.  He sees himself as either a litter picker or treasure hunter, I am not sure which.

18 months, 18 month development, gorgeous blonde baby

Suddenly we have hit a milestone with speech and Archie is learning more words every day.  When we come downstairs in the morning, he demands 'cup, drink, milk, breakfast, kitchen' and his attempts to be the boss begin from that moment.  He attempts to copy every word we say, even those far beyond his capabilities and studies my face so seriously when I say something new.  He loves being able to communicate, and I remember this stage being the start of something amazing for Dylan.  

He loves to name and point out his body parts and knows them all well, but when you ask him where his arm is, he moves his fingers to his mouth with an exaggerated 'aarrmgh' noise, pretending to eat them, and making us both laugh at the same time.  It is the little things like this that we see everyday that make our little guy the crazy character that he is.

Sleep is definitely going well at the moment (touch wood), and as well as doing 13 hours at night, Archie can sleep anything from two to four hours at nap time too.  Being as energetic as he is definitely seems to wear him out! After a week of having Daddy around, and not going in the buggy other than nap time, he is determined not to go back in there, and can quite easily walk further and faster than his big brother.  Unfortunately he has a tendency to pick up things constantly, and gets very distracted by every dog and cat we see.

At 18 months, Archie seems to have the appetite of an 18 year old, and would have you believe that we don't feed him at home as he is constantly asking for snacks and dinner when we are out.  He would live off of carbs given the choice, with a particular preference for chips and pitta breads.  He does eat well generally and loves his fruit too.

This months saw the first haircut, and the adorable curls that grew in the base of his neck are sadly no more.  I couldn't manage a proper chop though, and even taking off two inches has left it long (the pictures in this post are post-haircut).  His next to teeth have popped through, bringing the total to ten - an amount I could count on my arm for the two days they were coming thanks to his use of Mummy as a teether.

Archie loves attention, and he knows how to get it.  He is playful, funny and always on the move.  He is desperate to be one of the big kids, and will attempt anything a five year old can do (often resulting in bruises).  He is a leader, and he is determined.  He will be the reason I go grey, but he is loving and cuddly and when he throws his arms around my neck and gives kisses I know that I will forgive the fact he has just launched his broccoli at the window yet again.

One and a half seems so big, but my baby has gotten pretty big recently!

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  1. He is looking so much like a little boy now - hardly any baby in him at all :( They grow up so fast! x


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