Sunday 13 April 2014

Packing for a Famiy Ski Holiday

We have just returned from our first family ski holiday thanks to the family ski specialists, Snowbizz and we had an amazing time! We asked a lot of questions in the lead up, and the lovely team were more than helpful and I thought I would put together a little list of what we packed.  I wrote this before we went but there have been a few updates since.

In the Suitcase

I have packed a pair of thermals for all three of us, including some beautifully soft merino tops from Helly Hansen.  I have been told one pair is enough as you hang them up to dry every night.  I have got a spare pair for Dylan though as we only recently potty trained and whilst he hasn't had an accident in quite a while, I don't want to get caught out

packing for a family ski holiday, ski essentials, helly hansen thermals

We have hired a pair each from a local shop and these will be keeping our legs warm and protected on the slopes

The boys both have lovely Columbia sets bought from a local ski shop(Archie's is an all in one), and the bloke and I were sent some amazing Helly Hansen Jackets.  Surrounded by snow, the jackets seem to be all about the colour and we are going to look fun in our reds and blues.

Whilst the temperatures may be below freezing, sun cream is a necessity with factor 50 being recommended.  We all have the handy tubes to wear round our neck with factor 50 cream and a protective lip balm, and we also have some spray sun protection for other times like lunch


Mittens and gloves
We all have specialist hand wear, with the bloke and I having proper gloves and the boys having mittens.  Hopefully our hands will stay toasty and dry whilst we are building our snowmen!

Tube scarfs
Traditional scarfs can be dangerous on the slopes, so instead we have neck buffs which stay close to your skin whilst keeping you warm


Microfleece middle layers
The boys and I are going to look great together in our matching blue middle layers! These are very thin microfleece but great at keeping the heat in whilst still being breathable

Off Piste clothes
Whilst we will be skiing in the mornings and some afternoons, we will need some clothing for the rest of the time, so we all have a selection of normal bits that are still nice and warm.  I have a lovely long sleeved thermal top from M&S and this lovely knit dress which will look great by the slopes.

Thick tube socks were recommended, and we have 3 pairs each as they can be reused as long as you hang them up to dry. - I am not going anywhere near the bloke's at the end of the week!

Swimming Stuff
The amazing thing about the Snowbizz resort, is the fact there is an outdoor heated swimming pool! I can't wait to dive in! 

For the phones, the tab and of course my camera! We are far too addicted to technology and I need some good photos of us falling over on the snow!

All the usuals, plus some lovely facial moisturiser after all the suncream and cold weather and some hand cream as I am sure the skiing will take its toll

Toys for the boys
I am sure we will need a bit of down time in this action packed week, so I am bringing a few favourite (and lightweight) toys along with us.  Some puzzles for Dylan, and some things with buttons for Archie, so they can have that familiarity

Archie already has some with a snowplow on so these should be perfect, and of course the rest of us will need them too!



There are restauraunts and a supermarket there of course, but I am packing a few of our favourite snacks from home for nibbling on.

We can choose whether to collect the boys from creche at lunchtime or send them in with a packed lunch, and I think we will do a mixture of both, so I am bringing their lego lunchboxes incase we want to prepare something for them

Cleaning Bits
Some tablets for the dishwasher, cloths and a tea towel and of course some dettol for the sides

A Pushchair
Well this isn't really in the suitcase, but we are packing it all the same.  Bugaboo are kindly lending us one of their Buffalo which is designed for all terrain and snow.  It also has a high performance footmuff which is just about the comfiest thing I have seen and will be perfect for keeping the boys snuggly warm!

Hand Luggage

A Sling
We are taking a single pushchair as we will rarely need a double, but for those times when it is easier to have both boys contained, I can carry one in a sling.  Our flight leaves Gatwick at 6am, and this early start will be tough on us all so I think we will definitely be using it around the airport!

It will be Archie's first time on a plane and the bloke is not a confident flyer.  We have some adult and child earplanes to help with the pressure.  The bloke really liked these and said that although he did still have to equalise the pressure, he never had any pain.  Dylan and Archie refused to keep theirs in as I quite expected.

A holiday essential, especially with a two year old, Dylan will be using his Trunki for his carry on luggage and probably to ride around the airport on.

We have been sent one of these, perfect for the car on the way to the airport and for nap time on the plane for the bigger of the littles.

An essential to any journey and the secret to quiet children

Spare clothes and nappies
Again an essential, nappies for Archie and spare clothes just in case for Dylan

Dylan finds it so much easier to use a potette travel seat on top of a normal toilet so this will make things easier throughout our holiday

THE essential pack of the entire holiday

Travel documents

Sun Glasses
I have been sent some gorgeous unisex sunglasses from Maui Jim which are prefect for the bright white snow and harmful UV rays. 

Spare clothes
When I was pregnant the first time around, we arrived in Morocco only to discover our suitcases were still in the UK.  After a mad day trying to find somewhere to get maternity clothes and contact lens solution, I learnt that taking a spare change of underwear and a clean T-shirt in your hand luggage is a very good idea! As is splitting things between suitcases, so that if one goes missing you both still have something to wear!

A book
Because we all know how much free time you have with two children under 3! I know if I don't bring it I will find time though and we always have evenings at the resort once the boys are in bed.

Stickers, colouring and other relatively quiet toddler activities
Because sometimes you need two minutes peace!

My tab
Both for keeping Dylan entertained on the plane and for keeping the world up to date when we are there, the tab will be my contact with the outside world.

This is our skiing pack list, is there anything else you would add?

Disclaimer:  I was sent the photographed items featured above for the purpose of this post 
but all thoughts and opinions are completely my own.

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