Sunday 20 April 2014

Easter Eggs

For us, Easter is much like Christmas.  Family plays the biggest part, with a huge roast on the main day - Yorkshire puds, cauliflower cheese and roast turkey followed by a homemade crumble.  The day is characterised by jokes with siblings, doting grandparents and very worn out children.  We chat, we eat, we play card games into the early hours and we definitely consume more than our fair share of chocolate.

This Easter was no different, and Archie and Dylan delighted in the attention and having so many familiar faces around them.  They were spoilt with treats, from cuddly bunnies to kinder surprises and they both had chocolatey chops before we had even gotten out of bed.  

I hadn't done an egg hunt this year as we have just been so busy but Dylan did get a chance to decorate his own egg in the afternoon and he loved building 'swirly wurly towers' and bridges as well as munching on as many sweeties as he could sneak into his mouth.  His finished masterpiece is entirely his own work and I though it was quite egg-cellent! Auntie NatNat watched on and received a running commentary on the whole process!

He managed to win the Easter card making competition (I still think it was a fix) as well as making this chocolatey delight and when both the boys fell asleep after a day of indulgence, it was with a happy chocolatey grin on their faces.

 Thank you to the people at HRS who sent Dylan everything he needed to decorate his egg,
 not bad for two years old!

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