Sunday 19 January 2014

Making a Photobook

I love to record memories, that is the biggest reason I started this blog.  Our children change and grow so fast, that it won't be long before the sleepless nights and tantrums are just a distant memory.  Whilst they may not be the things we want to remember, there are plenty of moments that we capture on camera and thanks to the folks at CEWE, I had the opportunity to make a photobook at the Ideal Home Show last month.

I didn't have a specific event that I wanted immortalized and chose instead to just use photos I had taken of the boys in the previous month, a snapshot of their lives and something for all of us to look back on and remember.  In October 2013 Dylan was 26 months and Archie 8 months old.

The software was really easy to use and even I could have managed it at home.  There are nine choices as to the size and shape of book you want, and I went for a small landscape book with the fancy paper as it meant when open on a flat surface, the pages would lie flat too.  We are keeping our book on the boys' book shelf so they can get it out to look at whenever they want to and the lie flat pages make it much easier for them.  You can now add videos to your photobook too, something I was completely unaware of, by reducing your video to a QR code that can then played on a mobile phone.  I am not one for taking videos but I love this idea!

I went for a black background on every page as I like the classic look, but you can choose from a variety of colours, patterns or even your own photos.  For each page you can choose independently how many photos you use, the layout and the background so it is totally personable. 

I am really impressed with the quality of the books and the options, and I found the site easy to use.  I will definitely be making another book in a couple of months with our holiday pictures in and I think they would be a great way to commemorate baby's first Christmas too.

Disclaimer:  I was invited along to the Ideal Home Show where the CEWE team helped me making a complimentary book.  All thoughts, photos and opinions are completely my own

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