Monday 27 January 2014

York - A Beautiful City

Do you wish that you could separate yourself from your reality to go back in time? If you answered yes, then we suggest that you pack your bags and visit York. With a rich historic tapestry, tourists from all over the world flock to York to experience places that have been untouched by time. So take a weekend off, bring the kids and book yourself into a family friendly joint. There is a Novotel hotel near the city centre, perfect for you and the little ones, offering a play area, a family room for two adults and two children, and a special welcome and personalized gift when you arrive. Fantastic. Now that your accommodation is sorted, you can start exploring!

York Medieval Wall 
During the Roman times, York was a key settlement, with magnificent walls protecting the city from civil and national war. The landmark was untouched until the 9th century, when York was raided by the Danish with catastrophic results. The Vikings overcame the Romans and buried the wall under an earth bank with a palisade on top – a huge fence with wooden stakes.

Fast forwarding into the 19th century, many of the roman walls were knocked down because they were hindering the expansion of the city. The York locals, however, saw the glorious walls as something that should stay, and they rallied against the ‘York Corporation’ (the old term for ‘council’) to keep the impressive site. Unfortunately, it was a little too late and some of the walls were demolished. Despite this, the wall in York is one of the most unspoilt walls in the United Kingdom, which is quite a feat when you consider how long ago the 9th century actually was!

[Photo of York’s Medieval Wall is copyrighted by Xerones via Flickr]

Treasurer’s House
The apple of York’s eye, the Treasurer’s House stands magnificently over green woodland. Boasting a history spanning over 2,000 years, there is even a Roman road in the cellar, which reaches into the Edwardian servant’s quarters. The name ‘Treasurer’ originated from 1091AD when the Treasurer of the city controlled the Minister of York’s finances and entertained prestigious guests. Now available to the public, each room showcases authentic antique creations and furniture, inspiring tourists and locals alike.

Only one mile from the centre of York, Goddards, the estate of the prolific chocolatier Noel Terry, is one of the National Trust’s newest sites. This quaint landmark details the life of the Terry family, including audio tapes and letters, as well as a historic look at York’s chocolate industry. Designed by prolific architect Walter Brierley, the majestic house is just a stone’s throw away from the centre of York, surrounded by four beautiful gardens, dotted with stunning creations, yew-hedged garden rooms and even a bowling green!

[Photo of Goddards is copyrighted by JRF Photography via Flickr]

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