Monday 16 December 2013

My Funny Little Boy - December

I love recording the little things my babies do and say, and Dylan makes me laugh on a daily basis at 28 months with the funny things he comes out with.  Here are a selection of the last month's funnies as I don't want to forget them!

Lady: Be careful of the baby
Dylan: It's not a baby, it is MY baby (about Archie in soft play)

Look mummy, a gingerbread man!  (see pic below)

Pointing at a random man in the street - (very loudly) look Mummy, it's postman pat!

We are singing wheels on the bus, and Dylan chimes in with a new verse:
"The conductor on the bus goes fart, fart, fart"

We are walking over a bridge and I try to tell him about rivers to which he relies:
'The river can't climb up on the bridge mummy, it's got no feet!'

"I can't sleep in my bed, I need to sleep in a duck pond"

Dylan, what do you want to be when you are a grown up?
"A fire engine, no, a Robot, so I can have robot arms!" (Cue an odd robot dance)

"I need to give Archie a cuddle because I love him."

Me: Shall we sing Archie a song?
Dylan: No
Me: I think he would like a song, what shall we sing him?
Dylan: Nothing
Me: I don't know that one, how does it go?
Dylan: (To the tune of twinkle twinkle) Nufin, nufin, nufin nufin . . . .

D: Mummy, I'm hungry
Me: Would you like a sandwich then?
D: no, I'm not hungry for a sandwich
Me: How about some crunchy peppers?
D: No, I don't think I need some crunchy peppers
Me: Well I am not sure what you can have then Dylan
D: I am hungry for some pudding, maybe some of Daddy's chocolate?

"I did a burp!"
Are you sure that was a burp Dylan?
"Yes, it was a burp from my bottom!"

That's not baby Jesus, it's baby Archie! (About the baby in a manger in our nativity)

Stop doing that with your food please
*keeps doing it and giggles*
Dylan, it's not funny, stop doing it please
Dylan: "It is a little bit funny though!"


  1. Oh bless! I love the things toddlers come out with, especially the gingerbread man - it's just such perfect logic!

  2. I love this. Thanks for sharing, made me smile and chuckle. I do a Phrase Day Friday about the crazy things my 2 1/2 year old says too. I love keeping a record of them. You wonder how they come out with these things sometimes. Too cute.

    1. this is Let's Talk Mommy btw not sure why my picture and site aren't coming up on my comment.

  3. I think Dylan and CK would be the best of friends. They share a similar sense if humour and love of puddings. He also refers to BB as 'our baby' :-)

  4. Awh so cute, this made me chuckle. I have a toddler too, they come out with the funniest things, I love toddlerisms!

  5. He is too adorable! I love this age so much, they really do come out with some corkers! I love his improv song the best! Brilliant!

  6. awww bless him. wow how much is he growing too! Lovely! x

  7. I get "chocolate hungry" a lot :) Why on earth would he need to sleep in a pond???!

  8. I am hear some cheek. Very cute though x


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