Wednesday 11 December 2013

Christmas Eve Cosy Box

I have seen the idea of a special 'Christmas Eve Box' quite a lot over the last couple of months and I couldn't resist adding it into our own family traditions.  As Christmas day is usually spent with my family and Boxing day with the bloke's, I love the idea of the box giving us a special day as a family of four, our own mini Christmas.

I plan to have the box downstairs in the living room when we wake up, with everything we need for a festive family day.  With new pyjamas for everyone, a special film and bedtime book, snacks for the day and some crafty goodies to do together, I think Dylan will love it and I hope that it becomes something to look forward to for Archie as well as he grows up.

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I still have a couple of bits I want to add.  I made Dylan's stocking for his first Christmas and I really need to get a move on and make one for Archie too.  I am also planning on buying a festive plate for the mince pies and carrot we will leave out for the big guy in red, and in fact some mince pies will make it into the box too, but buying them now I know full well they will not still be here in two weeks time.  I am planning some simple toddler friendly crafts (if you have any suggestions then please leave me a comment!) and there will undoubtedly be glitter!

Dylan's attention span for TV is not long and so The Snowman and The Snowman and The Snowdog is perfect for us; long enough for a snuggle and a snack and not too long he is running round the room pretending he is walking in the air.  A new book full of Christmassy scenes will let us talk about what we have seen, what will happen and hopefully help prepare the little guys for the big day.

You can never have too many pairs of pyjamas and we were kindly sent these for the boys from Mothercare.  (The white pair is part of a two pack but Archie has already been rocking the reindeer pair) Our family is a little penguin obsessed and I know they will look gorgeous on Dylan and Archie and will be perfect for the obligatory Christmas morning present opening Pics!

I love this idea and I can't wait to start our own tradition that the boys will look forward to year after year!


  1. I don't know how I feel about this! We will be spending the day in PJs watching christmas films too but I don't know if I'd buy everything new for a box.. maybe it's because Sienna is a bit too small to understand atm.. and she already has pjs, slippers and a dressing gown wrapped up for Christmas! I guess putting in a box is just a more fun way of doing when they are a bit older so we will probably do it next year! x

    1. I think it is like having a few presents early, so they are having their new pjs from us rather than from Santa. Dylan is at the age where he will be starting to get it now but I do think it will be lovely as they get older

    2. Make gingerbread men turn them upside down to make reindeer biscuits. Rudolf handprints are easy for toddlers too.

  2. Our Christmas elves bring the PJs on 1 Dec when they arrive and then when they leave on Christmas Eve, leave a package with a Christmas film, Christmas book, some snacky bits, a goodbye letter and snowman soup (hot choc, mini-marshmallows and biscuit/choc stirrer in new mug). The perfect package for a family Christmas Eve in!!
    As for crafts - frosty leaves are super easy - glue patterns on leaves and sprinkle with glitter, or glittery snowflakes to hang as decorations. But I think my new favourite was over at the Reading Residence this week: - it's lovely and would make a great gift for grandma!!
    I still love the PJs you got - so adorable!!

  3. This is an idea I definately want to use next year... Little Owl is a bit young this year to even notice but I am on the hunt for new pjs - will head over to mothercare!

  4. This is an idea I definately want to use next year... Little Owl is a bit young this year to even notice but I am on the hunt for new pjs - will head over to mothercare!

  5. This is a lovely idea, I think it's nice to have traditions for the kids to look forward to other than just the presents on Xmas day x


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