Thursday 19 December 2013

I Love Christmas

I love Christmas

I love the magic, the trees, the excuse to do almost anything, from wearing pyjamas all day to listening to cheesy music.  I love shopping and choosing the perfect gift for someone, I love writing cards and wrapping presents.  I love the music, the films, the books.  I love the countdown and opening a tiny little door every day.  I love our traditions, ones that have been passed down through the generations and ones we begin this year.  I love the novelty socks and jumpers, the tinsel and the fairy lights.  I love watching my children's faces.

I love coming downstairs with the boys to find that the Christmas tree has appeared in the living room, and inspecting every element of it with Dylan.  I love him telling me that he loves each bauble individually, like it is his new favourite toy.  I love the excitement every morning that the tree is still there, the lights still twinkling.  I love the red and gold, the baubles we have picked out individually or as a family, new ones joining us each year.

I love Christmas candles leaving a festive scent.  I love keeping in touch with old friends.  I love beautiful roses that brighten the house, all tied up with Christmassy ribbon.  I love eating chocolate every night once the little ones are in bed.

I love the excitement, the magic, the suspense, the build up, the big day and all the days that surround it.  I love Christmas.

Disclaimer:  I was sent some gorgeous flowers, chocolates and a teddy from the people at Prestige Flowers but don't they just look gorgeous and festive!


  1. They are a perfect Christmas red - very festive! I'm with you on loving every inch of Christmas - I just can't quite believe it's going to be here so soon!


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