Sunday 8 December 2013

Chicco 2014

I found out recently that I have been saying Chicco wrong all of these years.  I always read it as Chee - ko but the correct pronunciation is actually key-ko! I also found out that their new range is going to be bigger and better than ever and they are shaking off that stroller image that they are so well known for and showing off some of their other wonderful products. Here are my favourites from the new collection.

At an exclusive launch event, I fell in love with the new bedside cot.  I had always wanted one of these for Archie but found the rates even to hire them extortionate so I love that Chicco have brought out an affordable option, the Next2Me, that has so many great qualities.  It works as a three or four sided crib, attaches securely to any bed frame and has a variety of heights meaning it is adaptable to each and every bed.  I had a baby that didn't want to leave my side so this would have been a great compromise between crib and co-sleeping and I will definitely be getting one of these should we have a third baby.  The fourth side can go on when you are ready to transition to them sleeping on their own.

The Next2ME is RRP £149.99

You may have noticed my pushchair addiction, and Chicco have a new travel system for me to lust over too.  The Urban is modern and chic and I love how easy it is to update by purchasing a colour pack.  The seat is reversible and turns into the pram, the handle bar is adjustable and there is front and back wheel suspension.  The basket is huge and easy to access and this pushchair is an all round good buy and perfect for city life.

The Urban will have an RRP of £349.99 with colour packs being extra.

The other new pushchair that caught my eye has a distinctive and unusual shape and resembles the Scandinavian buggies more than the sleek English varieties - The Arctic.  The carrycot was beautiful and looked perfect for a winter baby as it seemed so cosy.  The wheels of the travel system also looked like they would handle the winter weather with ease so I can see this pushchair being perfect for those that like to get out and about all year round as the two sets of tyres mean you are prepared for anything.  I do prefer the carrycot to the seat unit for this pushchair but the curvy frame is stunning with either.

The Arctic retails at £399 which includes a matching changing bag and cosy footmuff and £139 for the additional carrycot.

The 'Pocket Snack' high chair booster seat was the final product that I really was quite impressed with. It fits onto a normal dining chair and offers a variety of heights depending on the age of the child.  It could also be used as a little chair if you were having a lazy lunch in front of the tv but still wanted your toddler to sit still.  It was easy to pack away and transport and perfect to use instead of a high chair for older toddlers.  Dylan is now 28 months and we tend not to use highchairs any more, but he can eat much easier with a booster seat so this is great for kids like him. If I was using it for Archie I could keep the tray on but for Dylan I would sit him up at the table with it to give him the extra height.

The Pocket Snack is only £29.99

There were a whole range of other products on show at the event from their new range of car seats to some amazing looking bump and beyond pillows so it is worth checking them out on the Chicco website.  Most of the products are available from early next year so keep an eye out!


  1. I am loving those pushchairs! (I also have a lot of an addiction!) And that bed side cot is just so cute, if there available in time I might just have to get one for pop!

  2. This pocket snack high chair is perfect! We need it! x

  3. I love the Artic pushchair!! I've been looking at this online and I have not seen any reviews other than yours! Thank you! Which shop did you see this one in? I was told in one of the pram shop that the Artic has been discontinued, which is hard to believe considering it's a 2014 pram!

    1. I have just bought an Artic from Online4Baby for £280 inclusive of carrycot. Dithered as I couldn't find any reviews. But very happy so far... baby not born yet though so not fully tested!


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