Wednesday 17 July 2013

It Goes Too Fast

It seems like only last week that I was in the Midwife led unit ready to meet my baby boy.  Only yesterday that I had a tiny newborn curled up on my tummy as he slept so peacefully.  In a flash the months have passed and today it is 5 months since that life changing moment that Archie entered the world.

My baby no longer spends his days snoozing on me.  He no loner feeds every hour or two and he no longer fits so comfortably in his pram.  His little limbs have uncurled, his hair has fallen out and re-grown in the lightest blonde.   His face has taken on personality and is often adorned with the most perfect smile.

5 months old, baby boy, beautiful baby

My beautiful boy is well and truly on the move, even if he is not yet crawling.  He examines and explores every corner of his cot as he twists and turns and rolls.  His hands find the bars, his gums inspect anything in reach.  His eyes search out people and toys and his legs stiffen and wriggle in excitement.

His beautiful face is lit up with smiles and the whole room lights up when he lets out a laugh.  There is no sound more precious than a baby's gurgling giggle and Archie is getting more generous with his.  The best smiles are still reserved for mummy but he is a happy and content little man.

At some point in the next month, we will start our weaning journey.  Archie is increasingly interested in what we are eating and there will come a point when milk is not enough for him anymore.  There is something immensely precious about these first few months where I am his only source of food, nutrition, sustenance and I am sad about the prospect of this ending.  It is astonishing how much a baby grows up with that first mouthful.

5 month old baby boy, giggling baby, beautiful boy

Over the next month we will also be making the transition from Carry cot to pushchair, another change that I am reluctant to make.  My baby is not so little and already looks squished in his cosy buggy but as a tummy sleeper, I know that the carrycot is still the best choice both for his development and his rest.

In the next month we will have to move the little man into his own bedroom.  He is outgrowing his crib and the cot is all set up for him in his very own room.  I am still not ready to make the move but I know our days of sleeping so close are numbered as babies do not stay small forever.  Archie is not sleeping through the night and as well as dreading the distance, there is the added negative of night time wanderings for feeds.

Every month is full of choices and changes, yet this one seems even more so.  Every single day I see my teeny tiny newborn growing before my eyes and as wonderful as it is to watch him turn into the amazing little boy I know he will be, it is all going far too fast.

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  1. I can't believe how quick 5 mths has gone. When I saw him the other day I was shocked as to where the little baby had gone. He is such a cutie and so many fun things are on the horizon for you to all enjoy x

  2. 5-6 months is such a major transition isn't it. It feels like so much changes in that one, important month. It brings lots of lovely moments too as well as a few sad ones. It sounds like Archie is thriving and is a really happy little chap! x


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