Monday 1 July 2013

4 Months In

We are now 4 months in to our new adventure as a family of four and life without the littlest member seems a lifetime ago.

4 month old baby boy, 4 months old, baby dinosaur

Archie turned 4 months and we hit the classic 4 month sleep regression hard.  Our nights went from one wake up, to hourly feeds from 7 until 6 am and I started to doubt my supply.
 Thankfully he settled back down and our usual nights see him going to bed at 7 and waking for his first feed between 3 and 4.  He sleeps in his crib until then but he is impossible to settle again after his feed so usually comes into bed with me  when he wakes until we get up in the morning.  This wasn't a habit I wanted to get into but my priority right now is getting enough sleep to function and so co-sleeping for a few hours is the solution.

16lb baby, 4 month old boy, 4 month update

This update is a week late but at 4.5 months Archie has now learnt to roll. He is certainly not rolling across the room but he happily rolls from his tummy to his back and the other way during play and when he wakes in the night.  

Archie is also desperate to sit up and pulls himself forward when in a bouncy chair or on the sofa.  He can manage a few seconds but is still very wobbly. I couldn't wait for Dylan to reach these milestones but it feels like Archie is getting there all too soon.  My newborn  has definitely dissapeared and I have a gorgeous baby boy now who loves to take everything in.

Dylan is still a fantastic big brother although he often gets a little over excited and isn't always so gentle.  We have had a couple of incidents this month but he is also asking for more cuddles and giving lots of kisses.

4 month old and 22 month old, brothers, toddler and baby brother

Archie is still exclusively breastfed and although I was hoping not to start weaning until 6 months, he is a big and hungry boy and the health visitors have recommended I don't leave it much longer as he is not putting on weight as well now.  I remember all too well the mess and stress of weaning and how much extra you need to carry around.  All the while he is on breastmilk alone, life it much easier.  At 4 months Archie is around 16lb and in his 6-9 month clothes as he is incredibly long.  He is not even close to the size his big brother was at this age, but far from being a little baby.

The little guy is loving his activity mat now and is entertained for ages by his Lamaze toys when in the buggy. I am loving the fact that he can now 'play'.  Teething is well and truly underway and Archie is always sporting a dribble bib.  His favourite thing to chew on is my finger but I really need to invest in a Sophie le Giraffe I think as I have heard such good things about her.

brothers, baby and toddler on sofa

Archie's favourite time of day is nappy change and the moment you start unbuttoning his sleep suit, his face lights up and he coos and babbles away in delight.  He is giggling more and more and loves having raspberries blown on his tummy.

At 4 months old, Archie has stayed in 4 different hotels and attended two blogging conferences, Cybher and Britmums Live as well as visiting Legoland - he is one very busy baby!

baby dinosaur outfit, 4 month old, Tesco baby clothes


  1. It's good to hear how well you guys are getting on! I love the last pic! That little crocodile suit is really cute x

  2. I can't believe these babies are growing so quick, I wish that the time would slow down. x

  3. Archie is so alert! It looks like he wants to be up and out with his brother. Both my boys have a Sophie - that giraffe has been invaluable. Definitely worth investing in one x

  4. He is so cute and so sociable too!

  5. he is soo adorable. he seems to be getting closer and closer age to Harry. It feels like Archie is catching up with him, at a very high speed. x x x

  6. Bless, love that picture at the end and the one with his brother. I can't believe how big he is getting. So cute. xx


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