Tuesday 23 July 2013

How to Survive a Hospital Stay - Staying Sane

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As you may well know, we have recently moved into our local hospital.  Dylan managed to break his leg just as the summer weather was starting and so the boys and I are now inmates.  Days are long and difficult as keeping two immobile under 2s occupied when they have such different needs is a challenge in itself.   Add in that the usually active toddler cannot wear himself out and the days go on for a long long time.

I am busy writing a couple of posts about how we are surviving our stay but I thought I should start with the most important lesson - staying sane.  

Being cooped up in a cubicle with your beautiful but exhausting children takes its toll and at the end of the day I have very little time for myself before I need to curl up on my chair-bed and try and get a little rest  It is very important to use this time wisely, and make sure you relax as everything else can wait.  A happy mamma makes for happy children.

My number one lifesaver comes in a purple packet and tastes utterly scrummy.  That's right, Cadburys produce sanity in shiny little bags called Chocolate Buttons.  I was recently asked to shop for Cadburys products in Asda and you really don't have to ask me twice when it comes to chocolate!

Every night, when the boys eventually drift off, I escape as fast as I can to the children's ward garden armed with a sugary snack.  Every day I reward myself for surviving, for keeping my cool, for playing all day long and for staying strong for them.  The fresh air revives me and the sugary treats relax me.

Every now and again I do share - not with the children of course, but with the friendly nurses who are helping make our stay bearable. Sometimes they come and talk to Dylan, sometimes they take Archie for ten minutes for a walk around, sometimes they bring Dylan gifts for his stay, toys, books and stickers and they are always there when I need to hear a friendly adult voice.

My secret stash is hidden in  . . . well obviously I won't share that information, just in case you know where we are! But lets just say I don't let my stash get too low.  

Parenting can be hard, there are ups and downs and many hurdles along the way, but thank goodness there is always chocolate to brighten even the cloudiest of days!  It didn't take me long to realise how easy it is to run yourself into the ground in this situation and spending my day out of hospital unable to get out of bed was a bit of a wake up call.  Now I make sure I relax when I get a chance and of course a chocolate biscuit or two doesn't hurt!


  1. Im so jealous you got the chance to shop for chocolate!! i'd love to have done that. Chocolate really does help with everything!


  2. Chocolate really does help!!
    Hang on in there x

  3. I did the Cadbury shop too :) Staying in hospital is incredibly hard work with kids, I know you're pain well. I could never sleep (even if by some miracle my child actually managed too) and I'd hear the beep beep beep of heart monitors for days afterwards!

    I hope the time passes as quickly for you as possible


  4. You are doing so very well. Chocolate helps of course x

  5. Do your parents like chocolate . perhaps they would welcome some. Boys are doing really well, lets hope home before Dylan's birthday

  6. You sound like a super star and your boys are lucky to have you. Well done chocolate on helping. Well done you on getting chance to write about it.

    Get well little man, and keep sane Mama.

    Liska xxx

  7. I'm pretty sure there aren't any situations in which Dairy Milk ISN'T helpful :-)

  8. How you are managing to juggle so much as well as blogging through it I do not know but you are doing amazing. So glad the nurses are so friendly and helpful for you xxx


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