Tuesday 30 July 2013

Fisher Price Piano Gym

A little while ago we were sent a lovely new playmat for Archie and he has been loving it.  The Fisher Price kick' n' play piano gym has actually kept both children rather amused.

fisher price activity gym, kick and play baby gym,

It works when baby is lying on his front or back as the toy bar can be attached along the floor, giving Archie a little mirror to admire himself in as well as toys within easy reach..  He is happiest on his tummy so this mat is perfect for him as many are designed only for lying on your back.  

The mat comes with four different toys which you can alternate so they never get bored and the mirror which hangs centrally.  Archie is a big fan of the frog and cooes away at him whilst trying to get the rings into his mouth.  

fisher price kick and play mat, baby gym, activity mat

What really sets this mat apart, is the kick piano at the end.  As Archie excitedly throws his legs around, he kicks the keys on the piano and sets off notes and tunes.  The musical rewards help teach about cause and effect and Dylan loves watching Archie make a noise.

The piano can also be turned so that you can sit and play and Dylan loves to join in and play his own tunes.  He has even had a go at lying under the mat as baby toys appear to have become more exciting suddenly now somebody else wants to play with them!

toddler on baby gym, siblings and baby activity mat, fisher price

I have found that although the arch is easy to remove and change, the piano part cannot be detached which I would like as once Archie is a little bigger, he won't be able to fit under the arch and reach the toys and still straighten his legs.  It is the perfect size for him now though and really it won't be long until he has outgrown lying under a playmat as he rolling around the room now, therefore the piano to sit at will be perfect for him.

I love this playmat for Archie and think they are invaluable at stimulating play and developing their little skills and more importantly, my little tester loves it too.

Disclaimer:  We were sent this activity mat free of charge but all thoughts and opinions are completely my own.


  1. I really like the piano at the end, what a great idea. Looks fab!

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    1. I love the multi-functions too, perfect for toddlers as well apparently!

  2. I seriously love this. My friend had it when I went across to hers the other day and I think the piano is great and the way it can adapt. Looks fab! x

    1. It is lovely to see the boys both enjoying it as their interests are so different!

  3. this looks great! I love all things Fisher Price, always so bright and cheery and solidly built.


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