Thursday 11 July 2013

A Day in Our Life - The Hospital Edition

This may not be a typical day for many and two weeks ago it was not a typical day for us.  For the next few weeks though, this is our reality and I thought I would share a day in the life of Dylan, Archie and I.

Our alarm clock goes off around 6am, and by alarm clock, I mean the first of the little people that we share a ward with wakes up, in turn waking us all.

A little chat and a cup of milk and possibly a cheeky episode of rhyme rocket on the laptop whilst Mummy adjusts to the bright lights and noise of a busy bay.

playmobil, toddler in traction,

It is 7am
and we are ready for some serious playing.  Archie in a walker and Dylan and I go through several boxes of puzzles, some cars, bubbles, colouring and stories before pausing for a snack.  As Dylan isn't really wearing himself out, he is not interested in eating so much and breakfast is usually passed straight over.

Nap time for Archie which means I get onto Dylan's bed for some cuddles and more puzzles (you may notice puzzles cropping up a lot) We play with stickers and read his magazines.


Grandpa turns up to give me a little break and Dylan eats his lunch whilst Archie and I go for a little wander and maybe some fresh air.

We say goodbye to grandpa and it is Dylan's turn for a nap.  Archie is of course wide awake so I put a mat down on the floor and we have a roll around and chew some toys (It is mostly Archie doing the chewing)

Archie goes back to sleep as Dylan wakes up and after a quick snack, we get back into puzzles, cars, pop up toys, stickers and the odd episode of Jake and the Neverland Pirates.  We read the accompanying book 13 times in a row before Mummy begs to play with something different.

playdough, toddler in traction, typical day in hospital, toddler broken leg

Archie wakes for a feed and a nice nurse comes and asks for a cuddle, offering to take him for a stroll around the ward to give me a break.  A healthy happy child is a big hit with the staff and they love the smiles. Any help is greatly appreciated and Dylan and I get back into yet more puzzles.

Visitors arrive and I gladly soak up adult conversation whilst we still try and keep the troublesome two occupied and happy.

toddler in hospital, fruity snacks, cheeky toddler

Visitors leave and it is dinner time.  I struggle to get Dylan to eat anything and Archie goes back in the walker.  More visitors arrive and Daddy turns up with some dinner.

father and son, baby in hospital, father son smiles

More games, more toys, more puzzles, more stories and I find an excuse to pop out and see the world, even if it is only a stroll to the post box.  

It is 8:30 and the daily sleep battle commences.  I settle Archie and spend the next two hours trying to coax a boy who has so much unspent energy to sleep.

10:30 and I am in a hot dark room, hopefully surrounded by sleeping babies. Half an hour to myself to sit, drink tea, blog, catch up with the world, before I transform my chair into a bed and settle down for the night

Until the night feeds begin anyway . . .

I have never played so much. I have never got quite as engrossed in games with the boys before. I have never spent so much of my day giggling.  


  1. I'm so sorry for you all you're stuck in hospital; poor Dylan (and you all). The one silver lining I've found to all our previous hospital adventures is what you describe-although clearly being in hospital is rubbish and exhausting, there is something secretly quite nice about being made to concentrate on nothing but playing and entertaining the child. If only it wasn't in hospital! Once we've got over the scary/really quite ill bits during our hospital times, it is during these stays that Wriggles has quite often managed developmental firsts or perfected skills or learnt new things! Good luck and I'm really glad you have friends and family to try and keep you sane xx

  2. I keep thinking of you am all the juggling you must be doing to keep both your boys happy. Sounds like you are making the best of a difficult situation. x

  3. Aw bless them both - I hope it passes soon, it must be so frustrating for you (especially you!) x

    jo (in my other account, sorry, am at work)

  4. It sounds like you are doing an amazing job in a difficult situation, hopefully it's passing quickly and you'll all soon be back to running around outside.

  5. Aww bless...I've just been reading about what has gone on!!
    Sounds like you're doing a great job!!
    Hang on in there!! x

  6. cant believe you find some time to blog!! your doing a brilliant job hang in there hope the time will go fast for you and the boys x

  7. You look AMAZING considering what I know to be the exhausting routine of hospital life and those awful chair beds - do they not bring you something better when you have to do 6wks - I was crippled after 6dys!! Sounds like you're getting time to enjoy the boys company and looking on the bright side lovely to hear such a positive post from a difficult situation xx

  8. You sound like you are definitely making the best out of a crappy situation. I have been thinking of you all and I hope that Dylan is on the mend soon. x

  9. Just to let you know your doing an awesome job! Dylan is so cute and taking it all so well! Hope you get good sleep!!! much love Sara(the crazy lady you seen today and yesterday)

  10. Sweetheart I think you are beyond amazing! The fact that you can remain so upbeat and positive when faced with such a difficult situation just proves once again what lucky boys you have there to have you as a mummy. We will be coming in to see you all soon. Trying to think of something fun and different for D to play with (and promise to replenish your Twirl supplies!!).
    Take care and sleep well tonight xx

  11. PS You really do look amazing considering the lack of sleep/fresh air/decent food/etc. And that photo of D on his back really shows what a little man he's becoming now!

  12. My middle child fractured his femur and was in traction for 4 weeks. He is a now a teenager. As odd as it sounds, we both look back at that time with fondness. He remembers hours of uninterrupted video games and I remember the hours of focused time together.
    Wishing you rest and speedy healing for your son.

  13. It sounds like you are handling it all so well, considering what hard work it must be. Well done on keeping so positive x

  14. Thinking of you! Hope you are alright! x

  15. I think I would have got cabin fever quite easily. In a way though I guess it gave quality time for playing without the distractions of normal life. Your poor husband though, having to be at home, working, housework, not having you and the children there for so long and probably having to bring you things and come to give you a break and visit too. I can't imagine! x


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