Monday 10 September 2012

Where is my baby?

Sometimes I wonder where my baby has gone, that squidgy little thing with a little bit of black hair and those skinny legs.  The one who lay back and took in the world.  I console myself with the little boy who has learnt to blow kisses and clap his hands when he has done something well.  This child who waves and says hiya to every single person that gets on or off the bus.

I see something in him that I recognise but he is certainly not a baby.  When did my baby become a toddler?

little dude, 3 day old baby boy

He is learning new skills every single day and he amazes me with how fast he can pick things up. This weekend saw his first shaky steps although I think it may still be some time before he is walking around. This child, if you start counting with number one, will follows by saying 'two' and is trying so hard to copy our words.

He has a cheeky smile - he walks to the end of the sofa, gives me a flash of it as he waves and then dissappears round the corner.  He knows when he is being naughty although this doesn't mean he will stop doing something!

He loves nothing more than to explore and is desperate to discover everything. He crawls and cruises around every room finding the most everyday items more fascinating than his toys.  I have never seen someone look so impressed with a bus ticket before!

baby car, 13 month old boy

My baby used to smell of milk.  He used to spend his days curled up on my chest , never having to go far for his next meal.  He used to open his eyes only for a few minutes every day and only in-front of mummy and daddy.  No-one else was privileged enough to see those baby blues.  The little boy is wide eyed and curious - intently analysing everyone and fluttering those long lashes at all the ladies.

We measured my baby's life in days and eventually weeks.  This little boy is thirteen months - A whole year old and some more.  We waited in anticipation for my baby to meet his next milestones - to hold his head up, to smile. We watch the little boy growing bigger and smarter by the day and wish he would slow down.

I love both these children - the tiny newborn and the mischievous child but I do sit back some days and wonder where my baby is!


  1. I feel exactly the same, while I love the toddler that Mads is now I often look at photos of her and wonder how she became so big. Especially tonight when she has driven me mad with the fact she won't eat- she is so naughty! x

    1. It all happens so fast and Dylan is a proper little pickle now too! x

  2. It's crazy how fast it goes! Sophia is 8 months old already and that seems to have gone in a heartbeat. Roll on number three I say! Make sure you make the most of every day, advice I should listen to! ;o)

    1. number 3?! Exciting, I plan to keep squish as a baby for as long as I can get away with it x

  3. Awwww Dylan looks more and more grown up everytime you post pictures of him! Such a little cutie and i agree, it's scary how quickly they grow up! Riley's 10months next week and it feels like i only had him last week! xxx

  4. It really does fly by! I remember being pregnant with my 3 and half year old like it was yesterday! She is off to preschool and my little boy won't be far behind! x

  5. Hey I am sure you are enjoying these wonderful adventures of parenthood just like me and numerous other mommies.


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