Tuesday 4 September 2012

Orbit G2 Pushchair

When we were invited to a press day for the new Orbit G2 pushchair I was more than curious.  Reading the information beforehand and seeing the pictures I was in two minds.  On one hand the Orbit had solved every problem you may have with a travel system or pram.  It had gadgets and answers and a very impressive spec.  On the other hand it wasn't the prettiest and vain as it may sound, that is important to me.

Seeing the pushchair in real life and the man behind it was very interesting.  I love the
functionality of it and cannot fault it on that front.  They have thought of everything from being able to have the seat unit facing literally any direction (perfect for keeping sleepers in the shade), to a basket/bag that is detachable, to adjustable hight handles (perfect for the taller amongst us)

Visually it does look better in real life but it will never be the best looking.  I think this is something that has to be sacrificed if it is to be as useful and parent facing it looks much better than facing out - this is how I like to use it anyway.  I love the variety of seat and hoot covers and the cosy toes looks comfy and can be made longer for taller babies.  Going into details of the pushchair would be exhausting so here is a list of my favourite features;

-The hood on the carrycot features a secret flap with a pull out that can cover the entire cot.  This is perfect for a sun shade or a snooze shade and you don't need anything extra to work it.

-The basket underneath can be taken off and has straps to be worn like a bag.  This means no fiddling round getting things out and no qualms about leaving the pushchair out of the way with your possessions still in there.

-The hood on the seat unit is extra long meaning more sun protection  - something our current pushchairs are missing that I would love.

-The buggy board looks fantastic and is much less in the way than some others.

-You can buy detachable shopping bags for each side which fold in when not in use.  If like me you like to carry everything bar the kitchen sink with you, these help keep your hands free.

-One handed folding frame, making doing it on your own with the baby much easier.

Well those are just some of the great things about the Orbit G2.  Let me know what you think the best features are!

Disclaimer:  We were invited to a paid for event in London to celebrate the launch and provided with amazing biscuits.  We were also given a lovely goody bag to take away.  All thoughts and opinions are my own and to verify any claims please see the manufacturers website


  1. It really isn't the prettiest is it! I've not seen one in person, does the seat look smaller than some of the other pushchairs or is that just the way it's been photographed? We use mostly slings and our lanky almost two year old is doing a lot of walking now (in preparation for the arrival of a new baby in the winter who will claim ownership of the pram) but I'd worry that she was too squished to keep her legs out of the buggy mechanism or be turned around comfortably. Perhaps it's a better buggy for a littler child.

    1. I actually found the seat unit really spacious and the weight limit is really high so would be great for chunky monkeys like mine.


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