Wednesday 29 August 2012

Warner Bros. UV Review

Uv is a fabulous technology that means you can watch your DVD on all sorts of devices without needing to even insert the disk!  I found out about Warner Bros. and UV when I went to Britmums Live earlier this year and we have been busy watching Looney Toons and the Flintstones ever since.  

After registering online, you can use the unique code in your DVD box and add that film to your account.  That means that if you want to keep your DVDs in perfect condition away from prying fingers you need never remove the disk from the box.  It also means that should the little people in your life think DVDs make great colouring books, your films are still secure.

The first step is setting up a
Flixster account which can be done through your facebook account to save time.  Next you set up the UltraViolet account.  On flixster you can search for your purchase and 'redeem now'.  This will take you through to the next page and lets you get started just by entering your redemption code.
The process is really simple to navigate even for someone like me who struggles to find the on-off button on most devices and each DVD comes with easy instructions as well just so you don't get stuck.

Your Entertainment, Set Free

Once the film is uploaded, you can either stream it to your device, or download it.  I have Tom and Jerry downloaded on my Tablet now which means next time we are on a long journey, I can pop it out and put a film on for Dylan and I to keep him happy.

Your films can suddenly be watched on all sorts of media from a huge flat screen TV to your smartphone meaning you can literally watch them anywhere!

I think the technology is amazing and it is great being able to watch our favourite films wherever we are! We are off on holiday in a few weeks and I will definitely be downloading a few things for the quiet nights in!

Disclaimer:  I was sent a selection of Warner Bros. DVD's for the purpose of this review but all views and opinions are my own.  For more information about UV check out the website

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