Monday 13 August 2012

Kiddy Phoenix Pro Review

We found looking at car seats almost as exciting as looking at pushchairs.  There are so many styles and shades from so many different brands that it is hard to know which to choose.  The Kiddy Phoenix Pro is new to the UK and a bit different to the others on the market.  The main change is the lack of 5 point harness.

Kiddy's car seats use an impact bar rather than the harness and although originally I was dubious, once I have seen one and tried it, I am sure it is safer than our previous seat!  

As we don't drive, I need a car seat that will go in and out easily.  We are in my mum's car, friend's cars or taxis very often and most car seats need to be strapped in first with the seatbelt, then the child strapped in on top.  Not the Phoenix pro - The car seat just seats in the normal seat and the seatbelt does both jobs in one. There is the option of the K-Fix to permanatly secure the seat too but we love how easy this is to use.  

kiddy phoenix pro,

Once you have seated your child appropriately (there is a booster that can be added in to ensure a perfect fit) you just slide the impact shield in so it fits against your child's tummy and legs and pop the seatbelt round that.  The car seat cannot move at all as the seat belt keeps it very secure and the child is safe in the seat secured from armpit to knee in Dylan's case.

The Phoenix pro comes with an adjustable headrest and in a variety of colours.  I loved the reds in the seat we picked and though the colours would be perfect for a girl or boy.  Dylan was very happy in there and seemed comfortable and content.  When he fell asleep he seemed supported and there wasn't the usual head roll we tend to get.
napping in car seat, kiddy phoenix pro

Unfortunately without the K-fix the seat cannot be put into a recline position which I do prefer for car naps but this didn't seem to bother the little dude as he seemed comfy enough.  I can't think of anything else I would change about the seat though as it felt strong, comfortable, protected, innovative and secure.  The seat is suitable from 9-18kg or approx 9 months to four years so Dylan has plenty more growing space in there! The seat will retail for £200 which I think is a good price for such a sturdy and supportive car seat, after all your child's safety is so important!

•    Easy and quick to fit fitting for parents
•    Quick-release K-Connectors for isofix fitting (optional use)
•    Lightweight design makes it comfortable to pick up and move
•    Highly-protective shaped chest and headrests
•    Ergonomically designed for a comfortable ride
•    Adjustable headrest to choice of 7 positions
•    Unique shock-absorbent hidden panels for superb side-impact
•    Spacious inner dimensions to accommodate a growing child
•    Optimised front impact protection
•    3-way adjustable baby insert cushion
•    Advanced machine washable covers (30°C)

You can find out more on the Kiddy facebook page or tweet them @kiddycarseats and there is more about the Phoenix Pro on the Kiddy blog

Disclaimer:  We were sent a Kiddy Phoenix Pro for the purpose of this review but all thoughts and opinions are my own.


  1. Wow how amazing is this? I will show my sister tomorrow for my nephew! BTW I fount you over at BYOB. I have followed you on Google and Twitter. Jade - Unique Mummy Blog ( x

    1. It is a great car seat and I fully recommend it x

  2. I like the look of this seat x

  3. looks very comfy, I need to get the next seat up for my little one so might look into getting this one

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