Friday 17 August 2012

Cosatto Yo! Toffee Apple Review

Cosatto are one brand which I have loved since I was pregnant with Dylan.  Their products are funky and bright and exactly the kind of think we like to use.  When they offered me the Yo! in one of their new fruity colours to review I was over the moon as we had already been eyeing them up!

Cosatto yo!The Yo! toffee apple is a lovely orange colour and really is incredibly bright.  There is no losing this in the park and I love that is stands out from the boring black.  The box contains everything you need from the raincover to the footmuff and newborn headhugger meaning you can grab the baby and go!  The wheels clip in easily and the hood slides in - simple as that.  5 minutes and it is set up!  The rain cover is ready in a bag with a handy hook meaning it takes up no basket space.
cosatto yo! toffee apple
The stroller is light, although not as light as some others.  This is great as you want something a bit sturdier if you are using it for a newborn and you can hand a couple of bits on the handles without worrying about it tipping up.  I found the handles unnecessary for bags however as the basket is huge for a stroller and easily fits in everything we need for a full day out including blanket and jumpers.  I love this as I do like to carry round twice as much as I really need!

The buggy is
spacious and my huge one year old has plenty of growing space still although it looks lovely and cosy when he naps.  The seat is deep enough that they can sit comfortably and the adjustable backrest means you can choose any angle from very upright to almost flat.

The stroller is so easy to put up and down and I have managed to fold it for the bus and get it back up again all the while holding onto Dylan making it perfect for lone journeys on public transport.  This has served us well as I am often left waiting whilst all the pushchair spaces are full.

We have had so many compliments on the lovely colour and style and the pushchair really is a beauty.  Dylan loves trying to touch all the apples on the hood!  

cosatto yo! toffee apple, orange pushchair

Of course every pushchair has negatives and the main thing I didn't like was the brakes.  They are very strong and you can push either side to activate both, however I do need to bend down and take them off by hand which is not always practical.  I probably wouldn't use this as my main pushchair from birth as I do love a newborn facing me but it will be perfect for days out when I don't want to take a double as I can carry one child in a sling and the other in the Yo! and know that they are both safe in there.

cosatto yo! toffee apple, asleep in pushchair

Here is a video I made to illustrate what we thought of the Yo! and you can see how easy it is to use:

UPDATE:  I commented that the brakes were very hard and had to be done with my hands.  I think this is to do partly with my footwear during the summer.  Wearing boots or trainers I had much less trouble than in flip flops and could pull them up with my feet ok although they are still tough brakes

Disclaimer:  We were sent the Cosatto Yo! Toffee Apple for the purpose of this review but all thoughts, opinions, videos and photos are my own. 


  1. Thanks for this, it has been really helpful x

  2. hi , i would ask if this pushchair has adjustable footrest?? please, answer me on my email : . i love that coulor and averything i saw but wonder how it look like while baby is sleeping.


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