Wednesday 1 August 2012

Nun-Night Nought Year Old

To my gorgeous boy,

Tomorrow is just another day - only it is not.  Tomorrow we will be celebrating it being a year since you came into this world with your long legs and loud cry.  A year of tears, tantrums, smiles and cuddles.  A year unlike any other and one that I would go back and relive in a heart beat.

It is amazing to think how much has changed.  Once upon a time you were a helpless baby, feeding non-stop and only happy when on mummy's chest.  After a month everyone kept telling me they had not yet seen your eyes as even then you loved your sleep.  Suddenly you started to be awake for periods of the day.  You followed me with your eyes and started smiling that beautiful gummy smile.

one day old baby, letter to my one year old
One day old
Now you are a curious, mischevious and still super loud child.  Barely a baby but not yet a toddler.  You love to explore with your hands and mouth and push yourself forward in the pushchair so you can see round the sides.  You are happiest when you have everyone in the room's attention and you have never struggled to get it.  You may not be crawling or walking yet but you have no problem getting to things you want and are cruising round the furniture.  

You are
incredibly happy and your laugh never fails to brighten my day.  I love your smiles and excited squeals when I come in and find you in the mornings.  I love when you get tired and pop your thumb in your mouth and cuddle in.  I love hearing you splash about when you have bath time with daddy and I love watching you grow and learn.

A year ago today I had no idea that you would be the person you are or that I would be the person I am.  I had so much to learn and I have grown into the parent that I wanted to be.  I have made different decisions to those I planned and surprised myself, but I have no regrets.  Everything I have done has been for you and always will be.  

People have asked me whether this year has gone fast and in some ways it has.  I can't believe you are already a whole year old and how much you have grown.  On the other hand, life before you seems like a lifetime ago and we have done so much in this year!   I look back through your photos and remember how little you once were.  How you had hardly any hair and it was so dark.  How your legs were so curled up and your features still gaining definition.  Now you look like a real little boy with your big blue eyes, 6 little teeth, thick blonde hair and the chunkiest thighs I have ever seen.  

I hope you have enjoyed your first year as much as we have.  I am immensely proud of everything you do and could not love you more if I tried.  You will always be my gorgeous baby boy and I will love you always and forever.

Sleep tight my gorgeous nought year old for tomorrow is a big day!

Love  Mummy


  1. Happy Birthday for tomorrow D. Hope you have a great day, xx

  2. This is making me cry a little! My baby boy is now 14 1/2 months.

  3. Gorgeous post :) Have a lovely day with him xxx

  4. Happy birthday for tomorrow :)

  5. Such a special time! A big happy birthday to Dylan and I will make sure his pressie is on it's way over asap!
    Have an amazing time all of you! xx

  6. Lovely post. Happy Birthday to Dylan x

  7. Beautiful poignant post. My little girl is a year in September so I can completely relate. Happy birthday to your little boy - enjoy the adventures ahead!

  8. Beautifully written letter for a very beautiful little boy! xx

  9. Crying at work!


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