Monday 2 July 2012

Summer Sun - Ways to have Fun

The white midriffs, pasty legs and abundance of sunglasses tell me that summer is here. Time for pub gardens and ice cold cider  the park and a carton of ice cold juice.  Living so close to the beach has one major advantage - free entertainment.  It doesn't matter if you are one or one hundred, the beach seems to be a source of constant amusement in the summer.  From sandcastles, to sunbathing, to sitting in deckchairs scoffing fish'n'chips, we do like to be beside the seaside.

This summer the baby will need entertaining a lot more than last year.  Last year he spent half the summer as a bump, and the other half as a sleeping, feeding, pooing machine, waking up only to feed, and even then he seemed half asleep.  This year I will have a (presumably) mobile, active toddler on my hands.

So here are the things we plan to do if the glorious weather stays this way:

-Lots of trips to the beach.  We are lucky enough to be a 5 minute walk from a gorgeous sandy beach so any spare time will be spent down there. Dylan loves feeling the sand between his fingers but I have yet to convince him that the cold waves are actually a lot of fun!

me and i, baby at beach, ten month old baby boy, funky boys clothes-I think it is never too early to get them crafty and more likely, messy.  We will spend the cooler days doing some finger painting (although I imagine the whole body may end up painted).  We make our own finger paints, but you could also give them things like puree to play with.  A great sensory experience and it doesn't matter if it goes in the mouth!  I am excited about this fabulous homemade playdough idea too and I can't wait to have a go!  If the weather is warm - even better- the mess stays outside!

-Little people never seem to tire of the park so I am sure we will spend plenty of afternoons on the swings and slides.  We are also planning some lovely picnics in the park with all of his little friends which should be great fun.

-Being a summer baby we have his birthday to look forward to and are planning a huge garden party for all his and our friends.  We know a lot of summer babies so have quite a few little parties lined up.  Perfect excuse to get him a little bowtie?

-No summer is complete without a trip to the zoo.  He may not be too interested yet, but I love seeing the penguins and Tigers and there is a local wildlife park that is perfectly sized for an afternoon adventure.

outdoor bath for baby, ten month old boy, amber teething necklace, gorgeous baby boy-Time in the garden.  I can't wait to get the little dude some garden toys!  He can zoom around in a little red car as I sit and work on my tan!  Sounds perfect to me and free!  We might make some ice lollies too and homemade mini milks for a cheap day in.  Lunch and bath time outside also ensure the house stays tidy that little bit longer!

-Lots of walking.  There are usually plenty of things to see really local and we may walk to the viking ship to have a look, the ruins at reculver and have a walk along the river and feed the ducks.  It is amazing what I have rediscovered since having Dylan.

-Rainy days may mean a trip to the garden centre.  They have lots of fish tanks, and Dylan loves watching them dart around, watching the pretty colours and trying to catch them.  Another free afternoon although we inevitably find ourselves in the lovely cafe afterwards for a cup of tea!

-Plenty of trips to the swimming pool.  Living so close to the sea I want to teach Dylan to swim from an early age.  It is also great fun and exercise for both of us.  Much needed after all the ice cream!

- We love our baby groups and have recently started going to bounce and rhyme at the library.  A perfect morning as we have singing and play time and then we go and choose some books to borrow for the week.

So there is the line up for our summer. Plenty of vitamin D, time with friends and fun.  What have you got planned?  Any suggestions on what else we can do?



  1. We take Oscar to kearsney abbey lots,. He really enjoys it as theres lots of park to run around, he gets to see ducks and swans and he loves the playground there.

  2. Those ideas sound terrific! You are very creative!
    I would add to those: a pack of jumbo-sized chalks for drawing magic pictures on various outdoor surfaces, and lots of bubbles!

    1. Bubbles come as standard with most activities! Love the jumbo chalk idea though, shall be investing in some of those!

  3. Dylan is going to have a amazing summer! :-) Is it still nice and sunny in kent? It is rainy, cold and horrible here! xx

  4. Oh my goodness how cute is his hair!

  5. Oh some fantastic activities, fingers crossed for some sunshine to enjoy your plans! The best for me has to be that sandy beach just 5 minutes away. I often only get there once a week with the kids surf club, I'm sure if it were 5 mins not 20 we would be there more! Thank you for sharing your Summer plans on Country Kids.

  6. What a great summer you have planned!

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