Saturday 14 July 2012

Platypus UV Swimwear Review

There may have been plenty of rain so far this summer but on the odd warm days we have been enjoying the great outdoors.  A cheap paddling pool and some resilient toys makes for a lovely afternoon splashing and Platypus were kind enough to send some of their stylish sun protection for the blonde haired boy.

Based in Australia their 2012 range is in sizes 00-14 years and is now available in John Lewis, House of Fraser and online.  Their outfits have a UV protection rating of 50+ which is perfect at protecting babies delicate skin.  We were sent a baby sunset and a hat and absolutely loved them.

The quality of the products was obvious as soon as we opened the wrapper and they felt soft and flexible.  It was a perfect fit on the little man and we put it to the test in our back garden.  I think the pictures show just how comfortable they were and how cute they looked.

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The hat comes with soft string so it can be tied under their chins, but I found if he really wanted to he could get it off.  The top and shorts were very stretchy and easy to get on, looked comfortable and protected his skin.  We spent all afternoon in the sun and he was still cool and white by the end of the day.  He was also very worn out from all the splashing and reading!

I fully recommend the platypus swimwear, we will be definitely be investing in some again for next summer as the blue eyed blonde haired boy appears to have inherited his daddy's pale skin.  You can check out the full range at the Platypus Website


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