Wednesday 11 July 2012

A Day at the Farm with Ella's Kitchen

We have come to a difficult time in our weaning journey.  Dylan has decided on his preference and is insisting on his independence.  He is refusing to be spoon-fed which is creating a few issues.  He has had finger foods since the beginning and can feed himself with ease, however getting a healthy diet into him this way is a struggle.  The only exception to this ban on spoons appears to be his ultimate favourite - yoghurt.

When we were invited along to a London farm by the lovely people at Ella's Kitchen to find out more about their dairy range, we were excited.  The new fromage frais and deserts they are launching come with no sugar, salt, concentrate, e numbers or junk and instead are made with real fruit puree.

With four little teeth to look after and a huge appetite for all things sweet, it is important to me that Dylan does not get too much extra sugar.  He loves his fruit and gets plenty of natural sugars that way without needing any of the artifical stuff.  The new dairy range comes in three varieties, the
fromage frais designed for 6month+ and the beginning of the weaning adventure.  Next there is a creamy rice pudding (again with no added sugar) for the next stage as they get used to textures and finally creamy yoghurts for bigger appetites which come in some great flavours.

After a delicious lunch and a chance to try all the #moovelous new products we went for a wander round Kentish town city farm and had a chat with Ella's dad - Paul.  He was very lovely and told us all about the company and how he had started the business as a way to get Ella eating more variety of healthy foods.  Giving children a chance to try so many fruit and veg early on seems to work well for their future as he told me Ella is interested in cooking now, although I am sure she has moved on from baby food.  I want Dylan to grow up with a healthy attitude to food and letting him explore tastes and textures early on I believe is key to this.

All the new deserts come in handy shaped pots perfect for the more independant tots who want to hold them themselves.  They are generous portions and although priced slightly higher than other yoghurts, are well worth the money for the peace of mind knowing they are contributing to a little person's 5 a day.  

So here is the breakdown:

Smooth and Scrummy fromage frais come in two yummy flavours: mango and banana and are perfect from 6 months providing plenty of calcium. RRP £1.89 for 6 pots

Teeny Creamy Rice Pudding with Vanilla are RRP £1.09 for 2 pots.  The lumpier texture gives little mouths a workout and they are perfectly sized for 7 months up.

Chilled ou thick and fruity yoghurts come in strawberry + Pear and Pineapple+mango and are bigger than your usual baby yoghurts and have a thicker texture that won't slip off the spoon..  They sell for RRP £1.79 for 4 and are designed for babies 12 months +

Ella's kitchen dairy range, Yoghurt, fruity yoghurt no sugar

We have loved testing these products and each and every pot has gone down a treat.  We will definitely be using these pots again as they are healthy and tasty and have Dylan's seal of approval.


  1. Scamp used to adore Ellas Kitchen as a younger toddler!

  2. I just saw this brand here in the States today! Didn't look at it much since I wasn't familiar, but I will next time I'm at the store. That is awesome that you visited their farm!

  3. Looks like a great day! ELla's Kitchen is a life saviour in our house! I may be biased though being called Ella myself ;-) xxx

    1. They had them half price in Tesco yesterday!

  4. Well I loved Ella's Kitchen before but junk free yogs and a city farm-they have my lifetime's allegiance now! My monkey is at a similar stage (no spoons, food throwing, obstinant head shaking) with some complex feeding issues on top of that and I am tearing my hair out behind the scenes. Anything new to try is always welcome...especially if it is grown-up-leftovers friendy too

    1. Hope wriggles likes them as Dylan certainly does!

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