Monday 1 February 2021

The Extended Lockdown Survival Guide


While various stats show that Covid infection rates are falling, the news that the lockdown has been extended is another blow. I’ll be honest, it was expected. Nonetheless, it is another indication that 2021 isn’t going to be easy - even if things do look brighter than they did for a lot of 2020.

By now, your previous lockdown survival plans are probably starting to wear thin. So, I thought I’d offer a few suggestions to help you get through it in style. Here’s all you need to know.

Reclaim control of your sleep patterns

If lockdown regulations and remote working have impacted your sleep patterns, you’re not alone. Sadly, it’s causing damage to your physical and mental health, which is why you must regain control ASAP. First and foremost, you may wish to set a self-imposed curfew of when to log out of social media for the evening. You should also stop using laptop or smartphone screens from this time.

This simple habitual change will instantly boost your hopes of reaching the REM phase of sleep. However, if your bed is uncomfortable, the benefits will be compromised. Now is the perfect time to invest in a better mattress, not least because you can unlock better deals with help from When you can start and end each day in style, it will make these difficult moments feel far brighter.

New bed sheets and pillows are great additions too. When all household members are comfortable at night, you will see a huge difference in the home atmosphere.

Implement a change of home scenery

I’m certain that I can’t be the only one who loved their home back in March 2020 but has slowly seen the enthusiasm wane. This year I have been planning on sorting out the children's bedroom and have already been building new furniture for other rooms to try and improve how we live.

There is no right or wrong way to improve your home. You’ll need to consider your budget, property size, and priorities. However, the canvases are something I think most families will enjoy. Aside from adding a little personality to the living spaces, it’ll remind us all of happier times. Whether it’s family days out or holidays, those memories can brighten the mood. A lighter colour scheme can also aid the situation.

You do not have to spend lots of money to change the aesthetics. Altering the layout by moving furniture around is a great option. Creative upcycling can work wonders too.

Find ways to get out of the house, safely

Even when the home settings are more pleasing, the fact is that you need to get out of the house. Of course, there are regulations and restrictions that must be respected. However, it seems that our lives will be limited for months to come. I’ve found over the last few months that even a few minutes outsides can have a telling influence on my wellbeing. And I’m sure you will see the same. 

Despite all of the negative issues we’ve all experienced, there are some positives. Learning to appreciate the simple joys of an hot chocolate on the beach or walking through the park has been one of the best. Getting fitter and healthier always does wonders for my well being too, I love feeling my body getting stronger.

Exploring your local area may unearth areas that become new favourite spots for years to come. So, in addition to getting you through this period, it can enhance your future.

Remember the reasons for the lockdown

It is a frustrating period in our lives, especially as it has lasted a lot longer than we all initially imagined. However, the fact that deaths have recently surpassed 100,000 should put things into perspective. The only way we can overcome this difficult time is by working together. A collective effort should allow us to get back to normality far sooner.

Therefore, it’s essential to keep taking the necessary precautions. From carrying the right antibacterial gels to avoiding crowded places, this will protect us all. If possible, you should continue to work from home. At the very least, you can make a conscious effort to reduce the frequency of face-to-face interactions with bosses, colleagues, and clients. Even if it causes some disruption, it’s a minor inconvenience compared to ill health.

I can’t lie and say things are easy. As we approach the one-year mark, we are all desperate for normality to return. However, respecting the situation will lead to better results once it does.

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