Thursday 11 February 2021

Lockdown 3 - The Children's Opinions.

I have been talking to the children this week about Lockdown, Home Learning and their opinions on it all. I can see the toll it is taking on them all but it doesn't always present in the same ways it does for an adult and they don't all have the language and insight to express their frustrations. I thought I would ask them all a few questions and record their views (Dylan typed his own) on Lockdown three as we approach a year since this all began.

Dylan (age 9)

It is not as good as school learning because it’s like normal learning except you can not see your friends. And you can not go out to a soft play or friends houses. The best home learning is probably art because it’s just like normal art because you're still drawing, but for English you type instead of write so English is super poo. After lockdown I want to see all my friends and go to soft play. The best part of lockdown is having more time to play because you don't have to wait for your whole class to finish. On a scale from 1 to ten, home learning is a 5. 

Archie (age 7)

My work is quicker and I get set less work than at school but it is still school, that is the worst thing.  The best home learning subject is that we are doing money in maths and I like money but the worst is art. When lockdown ends I am looking forward to going to my friends’ houses and celebrating my birthday with other people as I have to have a lockdown birthday.  It is boring only having my siblings to play with. The best thing about lockdown has been more screen time.  I would rate lockdown 3 out of 10

Finn (age 5)

The worst thing about lockdown is having to do homework, when it ends I am looking forward to going to the shops.  It is good being at home with my brothers.  The best part of lockdown has been extra screen time. I rate home learning 1 out of five million.

Cora (age 4)

I love being with my mummy all the time, but I miss seeing my friends.  The best learning is when we play games but I don’t like the phonics videos.  When lockdown ends I can’t wait to see my friends.  I like being with my brothers. The best thing about lockdown has been making gingerbread men. I give it 5/10

I wasn't surprised that none of them particularly like home learning and they are all just desperate to see their friends again. Pretty much the same as me in that respect!

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