Thursday 1 August 2019

Nun Night Seven Year Old

It has been an unusually late night for you tonight as we were travelling across Croatia and it is very hard to wear a seven year old out in the car, especially when you had a little late snooze too and I think the excitement of arriving somewhere new and choosing which bed to sleep in means you have forgotten for a little while that it is your birthday in the morning, although that seems unlikely considering we have been on a countdown for weeks with the number of sleeps until you are eight.

I can't quite believe that I will have an eight year old in the morning, it seems so much older than seven, but then when I look back at you a year ago, you really are so much older.  Seven was the year you completed year 3 and you are heading into year 4 when you return to school.  It was the year you really gained more confidence swimming and you continued to challenge stereotypes and be who you are.

You recently changed your career aspirations and now you want to be a fashion designer.  You have been drawing me beautiful dresses and I am definitely on board with this one if you can make me some nice clothes! You are still as in love with Pokemon cards and playing Pokemon Go and you still love all things computer games and the struggle to balance that which I spoke about in last year's post hasn't changed.  

You are so tall, taller than all your friends yet you are still so sensitive and incredibly clumsy at the moment which makes me worry another growth spurt is coming! Your feet haven't grown all year and your trainers are looking so worn now but I keep waiting for your feet to grow - it will probably happen as soon as buy you new shoes of course!

You love spending time with your friends, you have a fascination with learning more about the world but you have lost the enthusiasm for learning at school which you need to rekindle.  We sat and talked about geography and the equator this week for ages but when it comes to reading you aren't interested despite the fact you are more than capable and should be working at a much higher level according to your teachers.  I am hoping that eight is the year you work out that reading is fun and we are trying to find the right book to start that journey.  

Seven was a year of cementing friendships, growing up and of still staying young too. You are a wonderful human being and I am so proud to be your Mummy.
Sleep tight my gorgeous seven year old, for tomorrow is a big day 

Love Mummy xxxxxx

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