Tuesday 27 August 2019

A First Horse Riding Lesson

Archie rode a horse at a birthday party earlier this summer and really enjoyed the experience so the children were pretty excited when they got the opportunity to try a horse riding lesson at a local school this summer.  Cora loves all animals and she was the first one in, telling me all about the horse she was hoping to ride.  Unfortunately there weren't any pink horses around, but she was satisfied with a pink helmet instead and she loved 'Buddy', one of the smallest horses at the school who was just the right size for her.

We are working with Great British Racing this summer as under 18s go free to race days across the country and after seeing the horse racing and meeting a jockey at our day at Ascot last month, their love for all things horses has grown.  Finn was paired with Bob and Archie with Bertie and all three loved their session.  They started by walking and ended up doing a little trot, with Cora smiling from ear to ear all the way round.  She has always been the one most interested in animals and she kept telling everyone that horses are now her favourite animal - apparently she is getting one for her fourth birthday!

Not only did the children get to ride the horses during their lesson, they got to lead them back to the stable and help take all the gear off and put them away as well as meeting some of the other horses at the riding school.  There were sessions on over the summer where you can spend the day learning to ride and care for a horse which sounds great for any budding jockeys!

This summer there are more than 200 fixtures including 50 family days at race courses around the country and under 18s go free to the vast majority when accompanied by a paying adult, making it a great family day out! To find out more about ‘Under 18s Race Free’ and find a family race day near you, go to www.under18sracefree.com

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