Saturday 3 August 2019

5 Ways to keep Kids Healthy and Fit this Summer


The summer is here and keeping the children healthy and fit is one of my priorities.  Thankfully this time of year is the easiest, here are five easy ways.

  • Be active together, because children copy modelled behaviour (other than sleep it seems!).  Play sports with them, join in on games of tag, have races in the park and get them involved with you. It not only keeps them fit but helps us as parents get fitter too! There are so many sports you can learn together and the summer is a great opportunity!

  • Challenges are always motivating and the big two took part in a Lidl Mudder recently - the kids version of Tough Mudder, a 1 mile obstacle course designed for children aged 5-12, sponsored by Lidl.  It was so far out of Dylan’s comfort zone as he is a naturally cautious child but he really tried his best and I was so proud to see that. The children cheered each other on and supported one another and it would be a great activity to do as a team. We watched them complete the hurdles, climb the walls and get super muddy and they were so excited to tell us all about it afterwards!  The boys raised money for the NSPCC during their run and you can buy tickets for the four upcoming Lidl Mudder events around the country here! 

  • Even the children that aren’t that keen on fruit can’t seem to resist a fresh fruit smoothie and we had fun making them at the Lidl station in the Mudder Village when we went to the Lidl Mudder event. When we make them at home I can even sneak a few vegetables in too!

  • Drinking plenty of water is really important during the warmer weather and my children find it so much more appealing with a piece of fruit in it to give flavour. Lemon and orange are definite favourites here. Making it more exciting encourages them to drink more which helps keep their body healthy!

  • Next time you pop to Lidl for your food shop, take the children with you and get them to help pick the fruit and vegetables for the week. It is a great time to talk about how they are grown and get them curious to try something new. If they help choose things they are more likely to try it too

Keeping children fit and healthy and entertained this summer is definitely a priority here but I am ready for the challenges!


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