Thursday 22 August 2019

Starting to Run

I’m so excited to be working with Simplyhealth who have signed me up to the Simplyhealth Great Bristol Run and are supporting my health & fitness journey with my own health plan.

After nearly 8 years of having a baby or toddler, I have finally reached a stage where I can go out without a small person attached to me, I can start thinking of myself and what I want to achieve away from motherhood and there is so much I want to do. I started getting a bit more active around the same time Cora started sleeping through the night as it became easier to get out in the evening and the more sport I have done, the more I have enjoyed the way it makes me feel.

Starting running was tough but I signed up to the Simplyhealth Great Bristol Run in September and I definitely do better with a goal. 13.1 miles still seems like a really, really long way but I am confident I will get there and the key is definitely in listening to my body, moving on to longer distances slowly and making sure I look after myself.

I started running in old battered trainers, but the more I read, the more I realised they were going to cause me an injury if I didn’t get something better suited to what I was doing! I have a health plan from Simplyhealth, which is designed for families like mine and it covers a whole range of things that are brilliant for runners or anyone who is into sport, from physiotherapy to podiatry as well as dental, optical and health cover. My first step was visiting a qualified podiatrist who offered me help with gait analysis.

Gait analysis looks at the way you run and I was filmed running on a treadmill so that we could later slow it down and look at the way my joints, muscles and feet work to see where any issues may be. I was told that I have a slight pronation on my right foot and I was recommended stabilising shoes with a couple of brands being well suited to this issue. I ended up going for Mizuno ones after trying a few on in a running shop and the difference in how they feel to run in is extreme! Whilst at my appointment I was also given some exercises to help strengthen my right calf and ankle as I am having a few issues and I was given feedback on my running style.

The Simplyhealth Great Bristol Run is in September so I have all summer to finish my training and the little ones are helping me. They are really interested in my running and love joining in. We go to the park for speed practice races, and I take the big two out for interval training as they are best at running short fast distances and then plenty of walking in between! My plan from Simplyhealth can cover up to four children under 18 so they are all covered too!

Being active as a family is really important for us, to keep everyone mentally and physically well, to balance the time the children spend sitting down at school and to reduce the risk of things like Type 2 diabetes. Simplyhealth are passionate about promoting being active as a family and at many of the events in the Simplyhealth Great Run Series there are children’s runs too. One of the best benefits to me of being active outdoors as a family is how quickly the children fall asleep at bedtime - it is worth it for that reason alone!

How are you being active as a family? Check out Simplyhealth for more training advice.


  1. It's really interesting, I like the feeling after a run but running outdoors feels like my throat is being ripped out . how did you join up for the health plan. Also where did you go for the examination of your running style?

    1. Hi! There is a link at the end of the post that should give you all the details about signing up to the plan, there are different options so have a browse on the website. I found a local qualified podiatrist but the team at Simplyhealth are great at pointing you in the right direction too. I know a few people that find running outdoors more difficult but I just love it!


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