Monday 1 April 2019

A Day out at St James Dover


We no longer have a baby in the house and whilst I am a little sad about that at times, I love that we can do so much more with our weekends now.  Finding things that we can do as a family are getting easier and we headed to St James at Dover this weekend for a fun family day.

The retail park is just minutes from the ferry port and we loved looking at the boats as we drove in.  We have travelled out of Dover several times as it is so close for us and the kids remember the ferry trips well! Nando's is always a family favourite and it was the obvious choice for lunch.  The kids love their kids meal and getting to make their own custom lunches and I love that they do a great selection of veggie meals considering its selling point is chicken!

We need colouring and a few little games that I carry in my bag, but we can take all four children out for lunch now and it is an enjoyable experience. We always opt for places with quick cooking times or salad bars to try and minimise the waiting time for the children and Nando's is always speedy!

Next door to Nando's is the Cineworld cinema and we all wanted to see the new remake of Dumbo which had just been released.  It was our first time attempting the cinema with all four and Cora definitely needed two parents to keep her entertained (as well as multiple toilet trips) but she made it through the film and all four boys sat beautifully with their popcorn.  I love visiting the cinema and it is really exciting that we can now attempt it as a family rather than having to split up and just take two.

We had a lovely day at St James in Dover and will definitely be back, especially now we have seen how close it is to both the ferry port and Dover Castle which we have English Heritage passes for! Have you visited yet?

The film was great, the cinema was comfy and the toilets (which we visited many times) were very clean.  It was so handy having everything in the same location and there was a little space outside the cinema and restaraunt where the children could run around in the middle.  Opposite were a few shops like Next and M&S Foodhall and it was hard keeping away from Next when the sale was going on!
It was lovely to have a family day out that we all enjoyed from 2 years to 35 years and I can't wait to do more things as a family (especially now I know the new Aladdin film is out in May!)

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