Tuesday 30 April 2019

Our Family in April

Our April photos are taken on the same beach as our March ones but we have exchanged the long sleeves for short and the trainers for bare feet.  We have migrated down the stairs and are dipping our feet in the sea, anticipating a summer spent splashing through these waves and dancing in the sand.  The weather has been up and down as it always is at this time of year but on the whole it has been pretty lovely and I am glad we got our April photos whilst the sun was shining (these were taken on Easter Sunday)

April was a month for beach days barefoot and umbrellas in the storm, two weeks off of school which comprised of a quiet week recovering and a week of fun day trips and days out.  We have had a good one and we are excited for the next.

This month I have loved doing my first 10k 'race' in Hyde Park, Going in the Crystal Maze, watching Glow on Netflix and my Fitbit.

Ed has loved the Easter beer festival, a child-free night whilst the children had a sleepover with the grandparents, going to London to see the Dropkick Murphys and a family day out to Deal.

Dylan has loved making obstacle courses in the back garden, wearing pink (and asking me to buy him more pink clothes), eating the biggest dessert at his friend's party and watching Spy Kids.

Archie has loved going to the skate park with his friend, practising stunts on his scooter, Easter egg hunts and having two weeks off school.

Finn has loved his first trip to the circus, hunting for fairies at his friend's birthday party, kinder eggs and 'twirling like Elsa'.

Cora has loved colouring in her face, planning her birthday party, 'fluffing' every dog she can find and choosing her own outfits.

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