Tuesday 16 April 2019

What the Kids Wore // 3fnky kids

I don't often dress all four children in matching because they all have such unique personalities that it doesn't usually make sense but I love them to all have at least something matchy or co-ordinated as it makes travel and big days out so much easier! We were recently offered some clothing from 3fnky kids and I chose items for the little three as their sizing covers ages 2-8 but when it arrived we found the trousers so generous that Dylan could join in too.

The green and black stars are fun and gender neutral and come in a variety of garments which means they all look a little different.  Archie has the long sleeved top and joggers with black pockets, Finn and Dylan have the all over print joggers and Cora has the dress and hat.  Cora's dress is meant to be more of a tunic length but she is a very petite nearly 3 year old and so it fits pretty big! All three boys are wearing trousers in the size smaller than what they usually wear but the two boys have the tops in their usual sizes.  

All the starred items are snuggly thick with a fleecy inner and were perfect for our day out on a hilltop castle! Finn's top is also from the collection and has a unique shape that is lovely for boys and girls.  He loved the animals on it and the colours and I think it really suits him.

The clothes are now available on Amazon (prime) and the jumpers, joggers and dresses are each priced around the £20 mark with the t-shirts all under £15. I think for the quality, fit and style this is a great price and I will definitely consider buying more, especially for Archie as it fits his style well.  There are a few more pictures below from our day out with the 3fnky kids clothes and I will pop the sizes the children are wearing incase you need any sizing help!

 Dylan is a tall 7 year old (137cm tall) and wearing the age 6-8 joggers

Archie is an average sized 6 year old wearing age 6-8 tops and age 4-6 joggers

Finn is an average sized 4 year old wearing age 4-6 tops and age 2-4 joggers

Cora is a petite 2 year old (88cm) wearing age 2-4 dress and hat

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